Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power Part 1

Review of “the Expendables” bill Sleei again we have another bestseller. This time we got a book that fully reflects the essence of our portal. It is about entrepreneurship, about entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. And for those who are only going to become them. But it might also be interesting and employees who […]

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Google Speaks by Lowe Janet

A book about the company Google to talk about the business literature in General, it can be divided into several parts. First, it is the “weakest” of the book, almost do not carry anything new and useful. Those can be found on the shelves in a large assortment. And there are in any branch of […]

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“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 3

About the quality. Quality, not quantity. Don’t ask someone to become your subscriber, reader, follower. Do not waste time and effort. It’s no use. These fans do not bring any benefit. Much more important to improve yourself. To develop myself constantly. Without stops and interruptions. Only then all around you will meet interesting, loyal, quality […]

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“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 2

Around lovers quickly going audience just like them. People don’t like, even afraid of professionals. They are comfortable with fans. At least with those who are not “wears a crown on his head,” though well versed in the subject. Interesting idea of the author – if your works are not on the Internet, it is, […]

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“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 1

Recently we got the book a remarkable artist, writer and just a good man Austin Cleon called “Show your work” (the author is already known to our readers by the book “Steal like an artist”). The book is definitely worthy of close attention. It is full of clever ideas and useful tips. Its author is […]

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This year I will… by Ryan M.J. Part 2

It is curious that the author of the book frankly admits that does not give any clear advice. A simple example. In one of the chapters says that you need to set small goals, and gradually to go to them. And on the next page explains how setting a serious goal could be the first step […]

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This year I will… by Ryan M.J. Part 1

Review of the book “this year I…”the world is full of good books, the reading of which leads to surprising results. Some of them allow us to discover their talents, and others make our speech more perfect, and beautiful, and others help to learn how to communicate with people, regardless of their status and position […]

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“Territory of Delusions”

Book review of “Territory of delusions” we have another material in the traditional category of “Business books.” I must say that not everything presented on our portal, reviews refer it to the business literature. We often talk about books on the subject of creativity, self-development and psychology. Today’s review, as time will be dedicated to […]

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