Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

Like a Virgin by Branson Richard

Book Richard Branson – Business Virgin the world of business huge number of legendary names known all over the world. But even among the best entrepreneurs, there are some that are very different from all the others. These people differ from other own unusual way of thinking, its unique approach to the organization of cases […]

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Winning Strategies for Power Presentations Part 1

Review of the book by Jerry Weissman “master of words”. Many people mistakenly believe that a good public speech or a presentation great is the result, which is available only to the elite. After successfully interact with the public. Isn’t it? Of course not. Learn to prepare a classroom presentation in any field of activity, […]

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Purple cow by Seth Godin

Review form Continue to acquaint you with the best business books in the Russian language. In previous articles you learned about a wonderful work — “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules” by Dan S. Kennedy and world best-seller “be your own MBA. Self-education is 100%” by Josh Kaufman. Today you will […]

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Direct Response Advertising Made Easy

Books for advertisers and advertising has always been, is and will be the driving mechanism of not only for trade, but any business in General. After all, what would you do — trade, services or manufacturing — the ability to reach your potential customer is very important. As important as the ability to make (in […]

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