Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson

Biography of Benjamin Franklin Covey book is always to give the reader the answers to many very important questions – how to change your life, how to improve an object, how to create something new. But there are those books that do not give any specific recommendations, but are no less practical experience. Only experience […]

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Steps in Writing a Reaction Paper on Documental Film

The next tips will direct you towards preparing how to write reaction paper on documental film. When you are asked to pick up a documental film to make a review of, always try to select something that is of great interest for you personally. Eliminate documental films with complicated stories, which can be hard to […]

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Personal Efficiency Program

Work less, manage time is nowadays extremely popular. And for good reason. Because the rhythm of modern life is many times more intense than it was a few decades ago. We are constantly in a hurry. Otherwise, we can break out of the usual mode, something no time and to lose income or vacant positions. […]

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“Be the Best Version of Yourself” by Dan Waldschmidt

“Be the Best Version of Yourself” Dan Waldstetten we have a “reader’s table” is another book. This time on a review book has got an outstanding business strategist, consultant, owner of his own consulting company, athlete and one of the best bloggers on the subject of sales Dan Waldsmith entitled “BE the best version of […]

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The personal MBA by Kaufman Josh Part 2

This book is for those who want to study at a leading business school, but does not have the means to realize their dreams into reality. This book is for those who do not want (or simply cannot) spend several years of their life for attending relevant courses. This book is for those who believe […]

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The personal MBA by Kaufman Josh Part 1

Book review D. Kaufman Began with the publication of a variety of business ideas from all over the world, over time, the format of our portal has become a go-to side extension. There are new sections, which (judging by the number of hits) are popular among readers. Was first entered under the heading “Business interview”, […]

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Ferrazzi Keith: Who’s Got Your Back

Review of the book “got Your back” someone Who likes books on self-development and self-improvement, who, on the contrary, constantly criticize them. The first like change in life that carry such “work”, the second see in such works one negative, thinking that their authors just want to make the money. People from the second group […]

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