Very useful for the beginners in entrepreneurship

Smart Rich People’s Quotes

Wealthy people are most likely to cause “mere mortals” envy and irritation. But before you give in to these destructive feelings, it is necessary to understand the origin of their capital. Below are 9 sentences uttered by rich people who earned money with their outstanding intellect, talent, and inexhaustible diligence. Co-founder of PayPal, head of […]

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Like a Virgin by Branson Richard

Book Richard Branson – Business Virgin the world of business huge number of legendary names known all over the world. But even among the best entrepreneurs, there are some that are very different from all the others. These people differ from other own unusual way of thinking, its unique approach to the organization of cases […]

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How to get money for your own business? Part 2

Private investment Attracting investors in a small business is becoming more popular and common. People wishing to become investors, surprisingly enough. This can be an individual, several co-investors or the organization. The main difficulty is to search for promising new business ideas. Have to strain, and a professional detailed business plan that will interest the […]

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How to get money for your own business? Part 1

About owning your own business is a dream of many. Some of this dream is designed in the form of a business plan. To proceed, we need the money. Even the so-called “business without investments” will not feed its owner from day one and without financial reserves is not enough. In a situation when their […]

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