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Savings – a sign of wealth or poverty?

Unlike the rich man from the poor not only in money, but in relation to them. At the time, as wealthy people buy things, guided by more of a desire than a need, less wealthy citizens to carefully weigh the necessity of each purchase. But among millionaires, there are still misers, and some straitened in […]

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Financial safety

The first step on the path to material well-being – the creation of a certain cash reserve for a “rainy day”. Such a day may never come, but having a financial safety cushion required to every. Successful businessmen know how to quickly amass and properly dispose of safety capital. How to create a financial safety […]

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Personal Finance Analysis: 4 Types of Budget

Often on your and other financial situation people are judged by the level of income. If a person earns 1 000 000 dollars a month, he’s richer receives 30 000 dollars a month. This approach is fundamentally wrong and in most cases can lead to erroneous conclusions. Wrong processing of the welfare of the neighbor […]

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How to Write an Expository Paper: Expository Essay Types

One of the main good news here is that the complete tip for composing expository papers may be narrowed down to the rule of ‘The Great Five,’ which, taking into account some strict features of this type of papers, one can find very convenient.  From the start, in case you are going to enter upon […]

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How much money on the planet?

The phrase “all not make any money,” people say with surprising regularity, especially in periods of economic crisis or when the bouts of procrastination. But if for a moment imagine that one person would be able to get all the money of the planet, then the owner what he would become? The concept of “money” […]

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Signs of Financial Illiteracy Part 2

There is no reserve for a “rainy day” The prolonged unstable economic situation in the country is weaned of people to save money. Why delay, limiting yourself, if you can suddenly lose everything, not to mention inflation eats savings? It is better to spend now and have fun. At first glance, this solution looks reasonable. But […]

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Signs of Financial Illiteracy Part 1

Lack of money complain about people with very different income levels. If the salary is small, it is at least understandable why constantly there is no money. But what’s the problem in earning a decent amount? Why such people have a bunch of debt instead of property and savings? For financial security are not sufficient […]

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Twitter sharks

Shark Twitter counter and Internet technologies have become an integral part of life of almost everyone. We use mobile phones, work at computers, watch movies on tablets. Most of the time we devote on social networks. Someone calls them a development disaster of the twenty-first century. But if the social network is to be used […]

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The app that makes your face old

Recently in the world there is an interesting trend. People less and less think about saving their money in the form of savings. People simply stopped putting money aside for the future. The reason for that is probably the crisis. Or maybe the formation of some new type of personality of the modern generation. Although […]

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