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Twitter sharks

Shark Twitter counter and Internet technologies have become an integral part of life of almost everyone. We use mobile phones, work at computers, watch movies on tablets. Most of the time we devote on social networks. Someone calls them a development disaster of the twenty-first century. But if the social network is to be used […]

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The app that makes your face old

Recently in the world there is an interesting trend. People less and less think about saving their money in the form of savings. People simply stopped putting money aside for the future. The reason for that is probably the crisis. Or maybe the formation of some new type of personality of the modern generation. Although […]

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Composing an Analytical Essay: How to Write an Analytical Thesis

When composing documents for my courses, try to write as though readers are people who are really educated, but those who are not aware of themes and analysis covered in the paper. Almost all of my paper tasks demand pupils to create an analytical essay, responding to a specific concern or closely associated pair of […]

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