101 Business Ideas That Will Change the Way You Work

Review of “101 idea for growing your business “And again the category “Business books”. And again we have some interesting material about a beautiful book that really will be useful to all, without exception, entrepreneurs and businessmen. And those people who are making a career and just trying to get the most out of life. This time, our peer-reviewed table got new. Largely, this is news from the world of business literature that makes us no good.

So, we call your attention to the book of Antonio Weiss with illustrations by Mercedes Leon – “101 the idea for the growth of your business. The results of the latest studies on the effectiveness of people and organizations.” Naturally, when we were offered this book for review, we could not refuse. Ideas, business, efficiency, self-development – these are the themes which dedicated to our portal.

The book we studied. Carefully. With great interest. Re-reading some chapters several times. And talking about the ideas to relatives and friends. Now I share my thoughts with you all.

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What awaits you inside the book?

As corny and obvious as it may sound, you will find over a hundred ideas, each of which can to varying degrees affect the growth of your business. And not only in the field of business data tips, techniques, recommendations can be useful. Sure, you’ll be able to find a use for them in a variety of fields.

From work to relax and chat with friends. From career to parenting. From improving relationships with colleagues to resolve conflicts with neighbors. Everywhere, almost everywhere, you can apply the ideas of Antonio Weiss illuminates in his book, “101 the idea for the growth of your business.”

And to further whet your interest in this edition, we will concentrate on just a few ideas that you will encounter inside.

Probably many of you a lot lately hear any information related to positive thinking and the like. Forget all of this. How you like them apples? Friendly men, according to research in the United States, earn on average 18% less than their more aggressive colleagues. Interested? How! A “good girl” almost always (with very few exceptions) are behind their less pleasant opponents.

Yes, the friendly people in our time have less chances of success. Of course, this does not mean that you need to become a corporate monster that everyone will hate. However, if your level of friendliness is off the charts with something to do.

And how do you like the idea that beautiful people have higher chances of success? People with good looks and a good figure colleagues behave politely. Beautiful superiors more respect. With beautiful negotiators often conclude profitable deals. And so on. Why this is happening, you will learn from the book “101 idea for the growth of your business.”

Do you know what is the fear of loss, and how this unpleasant thing can adversely affect your success in business or in your personal life? Probably, you do often notice that I’m afraid to go to one or the other step for fear of possible losses. And only in the case when the potential reward significantly exceeds the potential loss, some might take the risk. And some people, even in this case, it will hold “a bird in the hand”. In business with this feature of human nature need to fight in every way. Otherwise, you will not see much success as their own ears.

You will learn how too a wide range of products can badly affect the sales. Yes, excessive choice is bad too. And the evidence is the experiment with the jams in one of the American stores.

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Two the counter. On one of six types of jam. The second – a choice of 24 jams. Naturally, the more abundant counter attracts more potential buyers. But what is interesting. The counter with six jams makes 30% more sales. And because it’s easier for buyers to make a choice.

Such interesting and indicative research and ideas in the book Antonio Weiss “101 the idea is to grow your business” – just a huge amount. They are much more than a hundred. After each Chapter you can find dozens of useful ideas, recommendations, results of the experiments. And all this you can immediately apply in their own business or at work. And that’s good. Enjoy reading!

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