“Be the Best Version of Yourself” by Dan Waldschmidt

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“Be the Best Version of Yourself” Dan Waldstetten we have a “reader’s table” is another book. This time on a review book has got an outstanding business strategist, consultant, owner of his own consulting company, athlete and one of the best bloggers on the subject of sales Dan Waldsmith entitled “BE the best version of yourself. How ordinary people become extraordinary”. Briefly describe this book, it is about success, about achieving success.

The main difference from hundreds of other similar works is that the author focuses not on what helps us achieve certain goals. Of course, all this in the book too. But it is not important. The main attention is focused on those things that, again, hinder the achievement of this success. Here are a couple of lines, perfectly characterizes the entire book of Dan Waldsmith “BE the best version of yourself”:

“This book, however, does not give the usual stupid advice about how to succeed. It tells the story of that baggage in your head that continues to lead to failure”

Whom the book is exactly like?

First and foremost, this book will appeal to all those who loves a variety of inspiring, motivating stories. Here hundreds more. And each of them makes you look at yourself and your life in a completely different way. I believe that you are in a difficult situation? I think you have no opportunities to succeed? I think that all everywhere trying to stop you? Read the book, read these stories and you realize that you are all wonderful, you have everything to achieve anything. If you wanted to. And to make the effort.

Also the book will appeal to all those who wish to become the best in their field. All those who wish to achieve real success. Here you will find a lot of examples, tutorials, stories, tips and recommendations that for sure will positively affect your life.

But what’s inside?

And inside you will find 200 fascinating pages, each of which will give you a lot of pleasant vivid emotional experiences, the motivating data. Here’s how the book begins Dan Waldsmith “BE the best version of yourself”:

“In the beginning of the book are usually given to the opinions and feedback of readers, whom she liked. But, in fact, what do you care about the opinions of others? Read the book and make your own conclusions”

It’s not like all the other entry that you had previously read. Isn’t it? Immediately becomes interested in what will happen next. And then it will be a lot of interesting, curious and useful. Believe me, you won’t be bored.

It begins with a review of what success really is. Many believe that success is a set of qualities, persistence, constant work. In other words, success is a set of step-by-step actions. This key is written in almost all books on achieving success. That’s the only reason 99% of readers of such books don’t achieve anything.


It’s simple. And this is very good says Dan Waldschmidt in his book. He says that success is not action. Success is a condition. And until you deal with their personal problems that constantly torment you any step-by-step plans, strategies and lots of advice will not work.

How is he right! Remember yourself. You are surely not once, not twice tried to make a plan to achieve some ambitious goal. Perhaps even taking the right steps. But then, due to some personal incident threw everything. A very simple example. You played sports. Regularly go on training. Followed the food. But suddenly got sick. All was not so rosy. You become a little pamper themselves harmful, but tasty, food. And even when recovered, you became lazy again to go to the gym. You’ve given up. You have not succeeded. And all only one thing – your inner state.

“Success is not the quantity of knowledge but the power of the spirit”. Dan in the beginning offers to understand themselves and their goals by answering three simple questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What you want to be?
  • Why do I need it?

The issues are simple and understandable to everyone. But somehow the answers are not all know. Try to answer them, and you, and you will understand that it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. But, not knowing who you are, who you want to become in future and why do you need all this, it is very difficult to talk about achieving any success.

I liked the author’s reflections on the topic of excuses. Because, really, most people in the world love to make excuses for some of their failures. Worse, we all love to look for excuses why we do not want to try this or that. And this is not want even to try – the worst that can be.

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“Most successful people are ordinary people who are doing something unusual”.

This is for those who believe that success only the most exceptional people. This, of course, found. But not a lot. Extraordinary from birth people little. But those he makes himself fancy with unusual actions, products, etc. – there are many. And you can become one of them.

Having read the remaining chapters of the book, you will discover much more useful and inspiring. You will learn about the four most useful qualities of a successful person. You’ll discover why little steps to success – it’s like that big jumps ago. You will learn what extreme behavior and how it will help in achieving the objectives. In addition, you will realize that the efforts are not enough. Need super. You will learn how to manage your fears and maybe even get rid of them.

You understand the true power of patience and discipline in achieving success, and know that if you choose self-discipline and walk the path to the end.

“Success seems to be a failure until you cross the finish line”.

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