Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson


Biography of Benjamin Franklin Covey book is always to give the reader the answers to many very important questions – how to change your life, how to improve an object, how to create something new. But there are those books that do not give any specific recommendations, but are no less practical experience. Only experience this is not directed towards the reader. This experience on the pages of the book sweeps along with a description of the main character. That is, we read not about how to do and how to do something the main character of this work.

All of the above is very reminiscent of some adventure book, romance novel or detective. Isn’t it? Actually, there is another extremely valuable category of books – biographies and autobiographies. In autobiographies we read about certain famous people, looking at the situation from their own position.

Biography is something else. Someone they like less because they are not the source. And someone on the contrary, more. And we also have their reasons. For example, not every author wants to tell about absolutely everything. Some of the information (probably very interesting and useful) will be omitted. That’s just such missed lines can always be found in biographies. Especially if you wrote a biography is a true professional who knows how to find the lost pieces of information, and skillfully combine them into a single text.

One of these works we describe, within the framework of our traditional rubric “Business books”. We will focus on the book by Walter Isaacson, “Benjamin Franklin. Biography”.

What is this book?

This book is about the great man whom the whole world knows. At least due to the fact that his portrait is depicted on a hundred dollar bill. Due to this fact, many people believe that Benjamin Franklin was one of the presidents of the United States of America. In fact, the President he never was (amazing, isn’t it?). He was a consummate politician, a scientist, a philosopher, a great orator, inventor, businessman and one of the “fathers of American society.”

He is the author of the idea of national identity, which is based on the positive qualities and values of the American middle class. Even in old age, when Ben Franklin was already a widely known public figure, he never forgot his roots and always tried to be close to the middle class – that is, the ordinary hardworking and honest citizens that provide their lives with their hands and head.

Someone might say that this desire “to be a simple man” — just “showing up”. In fact, it is not. Franklin behaved and adhered to those values in which he truly believed. He was even decent, but it is incredibly purposeful man, before whom opened all the doors.

Benjamin Franklin is known, not only as a prominent politician (the text of the Declaration of Independence), but also as a skilled inventor. He is the author of numerous projects. He invented the lightning rod, which we use in the XXI century. He also created bifocals, a standalone oven, a model of modern library where books can be taken home, put forward the theory of the origin of a cold. He is the author of numerous public projects, College, insurance Association, volunteer fire squad, the organization for grants – all of his projects.

On these and many other aspects of life of this remarkable man you will learn after reading the book by Walter Isaacson, “Benjamin Franklin.

This is a real gift for all admirers of Benjamin Franklin, the history of American States, and for those who love to explore different success stories. Hard to find a more honest, open and full of events history of the rise of a specific person. Motivation is guaranteed.

In addition, in the book “Benjamin Franklin. Biography” became the exclusive information you will not find even in his “Autobiography”.


Why is it worth reading?

First, because it is a very powerful motivator that will not leave anyone indifferent. Lots of sayings, quotations, amazing facts and stories.

Second, because there is unique information that you won’t find in any other book. Walter Isaacson has processed tons of materials (autobiographies, newspaper articles, personal archive of the family of Franklin) and hooked it all into one beautiful book.

Thirdly, the book is very easy to read. Pages much, but do not notice. I want to continue reading even after I scanned the last page of the book. The only negative – very small font. On the other hand, if he were normal, then the volume of the book would vastly exceed 480 pages.

Fourth, because this book is about one of the most amazing people that ever lived on our planet. Therefore, we strongly recommend it to the widest circle. In particular, entrepreneurs and businessmen, who will find here many useful theoretical and practical information.

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