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Bloggers create a personal web page on the Internet for the sole purpose of expression and story about their accomplishments, you can safely skip this article. The following recommendations will be useful for the authors of blogs who have chosen the path of earnings.

Any business requires careful analysis and planning. A blog on the Internet that are created to generate income, should not be an exception. The author is obliged to make a clear and accurate business plan, it is advisable to create a blog in which you want to set the goals, milestones, and calculate a budget.

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The structure of the business plan

The goals of the blog

Blog for earnings can be a stand-alone business or be a subsidiary resource. In the first case, income is derived directly from the blog through advertising, the provision of premium online services. The second option blog serves as a platform for the sale of goods and services produced by the author of attracting potential customers. Depending on the choice of a source of profit to build the strategy for the development of a future blog post.

Project description

This section of your business plan needs to contain a detailed description of the nature of the Internet resource. It is at this stage thought out themes blog functional features, design decisions, evaluated the competition of the niche, developed a personal brand. For the convenience of drawing up the description into several sections:

  • Functionality – choosing a domain name and hosting, CMS setup, blog structure, implementation of payment services;
  • Content – the theme and format of published materials, we offer products and services, organization of interaction with visitors;
  • Design – design, positioning their own brand.

Competitiveness assessment

Through personal research and/or using data received from the invited experts assessed the relevance of the chosen theme of the blog, the demand for goods and services, the advantages and disadvantages of the main competitors. It is advisable to understand the trends of development of this niche in the near future. Assessment should be made in parallel from two perspectives: the visitor and the advertiser. In the end, the blog should be attractive for both parties and something to stand out among competitors.

Marketing strategy

Based on the assessment of competitiveness is developed by the marketing policy of the future project. This phase of drawing up a business plan can require the services of SEO specialists. The main points that should be highlighted to develop a marketing strategy:

  • Identify and analyze the target audience, identifying its interests and preferences;
  • Methods that will be used to increase attendance of the blog;
  • Advertising campaign;
  • Assessment and ways to increase conversions;
  • Methods of interaction with the audience;
  • Events to promote the brand and build credibility.

Organizational and production plan

This section of your business plan describes in detail all the resources and activities that will be involved to bring the project to life. The first step is to divide, what works on creation and blogging the author can do yourself, and which will require the involvement of specialists. Conventionally, all the work can be divided into two parts: those which need to be made before starting the project and after. Here drawn up a phased implementation schedule task. To start a blog, it is recommended after completely ready design and customized CMS. It is desirable to have several dozen articles, videos and other materials that you plan to post on the blog, because in the early stages of development of the content, you must publish frequently and regularly.

Risk assessment

For many projects, this section is very important. It analyses the various risks that can lead to the slowing down of the implementation or complete failure of the business idea, projected sources of their occurrence, their degree of influence and develop ways of reducing negative effects. When you create a blog risk in fact, two – the author lost interest or are not justified hopes about earnings. In both cases, the blog will be abandoned. To avoid this outcome will help a careful choice of topic and the detailed planning of the development of the blog.

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Financial plan

Try to make a blog for money is fundamentally wrong approach. Any business requires an initial investment. Smart financing strategy will help to bring projects to the desired level in the shortest possible time. The financial plan is based on the analysis of information contained in previous sections of the business plan, and includes the following subsections:

  • The cost of running a blog – pay for a domain name, hosting, licenses for CMS, services, designer, web programmer, copywriter, SEO-specialist, purchase or production of goods, creation of information products, purchase necessary computer equipment;
  • Current expenses – renewal of domain and hosting, replenishment of inventories, the Commission aggregators of electronic payments, the rent for premises, utility bills, payment of postal services for the delivery of goods and information products, payment of taxes, support blog;
  • Advertising and promotion – the costs of production of promotional materials, advertising, the cost of SEO-optimization, budget promotions and contests on the blog;
  • Funding sources – own funds, borrowed funds, attracting investors. If you use other remedies to consider in the costs of loan interest and investment payments.


A summary of the business plan should be the calculation of the payback blog. This involves careful calculation and projection of income and expenses for at least the next year, and it is better for the first 3 years of development blog. It is necessary to allocate primary and secondary costs. In the initial stages the costs will significantly exceed the earnings on the blog, this should be ready. Competently prepared and clearly implemented a business plan will help to reduce the period of the output “zero” and go to profit.

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