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Review of the book “18 minutes “And again we have a review of a wonderful book. This time to our table was the book well-known consultant to the CEOS and Directors of various companies — Peter Bregman. In his work titled “18 minutes. How to increase concentration, turn off the distractions and do the important things” he talks about the art of time management and your own life. Step by step on the pages of his book, he gives us new ways to make their activities more efficient, to spend more time with his family, to find breaks for get-togethers with yourself and just keep improving my life and the lives of the people around. But before we proceed directly to the book, say a few words about the author.

Peter Bregman, a world — famous consultant. Its activities are aimed at improving the work of senior executives. But not only them. He put his hand in the formation of very many companies. Both large and small. Known and beginners. And almost all methods and approaches have yielded positive results. Today Peter is a businessman, consultant, often appears in different TV and radio programs, has his own blog on the Internet and wrote articles for such leading publications as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today and Fast Company. All these achievements are the same. This is the same person who can really give us all high-quality practical advice on time management and your life. That’s what he does on the pages of his book “18 minutes”. Go directly to his work.

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The main difference from other books on time management

Many of our readers personally might have notice the following trend. Books on the art of time management appear on bookstore shelves, like mushrooms after a summer rain. Ten years ago, this subject is practically no literature in Russian, today about time management does not write only the lazy.

There is a legitimate question — what is the “18 minutes” by Peter Bregman better than similar books by other authors? To this question Peter answers in the pages of his codices. We will not go into details. Answer is simple — this is the most complete guide on time management. If almost all other work end on preparation of the list of changes and schedule of its execution, the book of Bregman — you can read about it in the middle of the book. And then you will learn the most important — the ability to control yourself and strictly adhere to a daily “the 18-minute plan.” And it is sometimes the most terrible and hard to enforce.

A few words about the content of the book is waiting for you inside?

A book by Peter Bregman “18 minutes. How to increase concentration, turn off the distractions and do really important things” is divided into four large parts, each with several different chapters.

The first part of the book is devoted to identifying your hidden abilities, your talents, priorities. You “soar” above the ground and try to look at yourself and the world around you from a bird’s flight. This will help to see the situation in the form in which it actually exists. Because we often do not notice obvious things because you’re looking too narrowly (or low). Practical recommendations from the first part of the book “18 minutes” will help you focus and make a practical plan for each day. In addition several chapters will be devoted to a very important question — working with distraction that are sure to appear.

In the second part of the book you will find ways to improve their lives. To make it more productive, interesting and controlled. You will learn about the four elements on which we should focus in the first place. As well as highlight some areas (the author recommends five, but you can change the number), which you’ll devote the next year.

The third part is entirely dedicated to the preparation of a daily 18-minute plan works. This plan will be your guarantee that all the important things are done. Though some of them will have to reschedule for the next day. In addition, the author will discuss the list of those cases which are not worth wasting your time. Very unusual and effective technique, I must say.

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And the fourth part of the book you will learn everything important from the world of distractions. You will learn not to be distracted by minor events, and understand how some distractions can play in your favor.

Well, at the end of the book you will find the final conclusion, in which Peter Bregman will give you a motivating “kick” in the right direction.

Overall, the book is very interesting, filled with numerous examples from the author’s life. It lacks only motivation, humor, instructive stories. Everyone will find in it something for the improvement of their lives. The book “18 minutes” really teaches you to manage your own time and life and shows how not to let circumstances get the better of you and your plans.

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