Book: How to Success Business by Breaking all the Rules

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Business book Dan Kennedy last time, in the framework of our new column “Business books”. Today you will meet with an equally brilliant book has become a bestseller not only in the West, but also in our country. We are talking about the book a brilliant businessman, copywriter and marketer Dan S. Kennedy “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules”. The mere title of the book can make to pay attention to it and get to read this really good job.

Rules are made to be broken…

We often hear that in business there are no rules. There are only some guidelines and principles that you can follow…. And can be ignored. Dan S. Kennedy flips our idea of what should be a business book. We all used to read about some recipes for success, financial independence and freedom. And most importantly, that, despite all their diversity, all these books are very similar. They are based on long-known rule – to live honestly, to think positively, to learn, to listen to the advice of experienced professionals to put clients ‘ interests above their own, etc., etc.

Learn the absolute most business books? Similar notes are found in the works of Napoleon hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma, Joe Vitale, Stephen Covey, and other world famous authors. They are taught to be honest, gentle, kind and humble. But not Dan S. Kennedy.

In his book “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules,” he real examples shows that on only one of positive thinking and originality will not go far. And we don’t always have to put the customer above themselves. And education does not play absolutely no role in achieving success. The author gives dozens of examples of people without education became millionaires and even billionaires, and copying other people’s ideas brought billions. As for kindness and positive thinking – look at Donald trump – one of the most famous and richest businessmen on the Planet. He has long earned a reputation as a selfish, hard, calculating man. And proud of it. After all, these qualities helped him to “rise from the ashes” after the next financial collapse. It turns out that the cruelty, selfishness and arrogance does not prevent success.

From childhood we are taught to be persistent and persevere, no matter what. Perseverance, diligence, perseverance is nice, says Dan Kennedy. That’s just people are often too deep into their Affairs and do not notice the luxury features that appear in front of them. In simple words, sometimes we just don’t notice new paths to success easier and more promising to continue “to climb the cliff” under the old scheme. Why is this happening? Because we have a tendency to do so, we only see this way, and don’t notice (or just don’t want to notice) the other paths to the goal.

Very interesting Dan Kennedy debunks the myth that the customer is always right, and that the business owner simply must make every effort to satisfy all consumers. Citing vivid examples, the author shows us that among the audience of potential customers, there is a certain proportion of people from work which should be abandoned. Otherwise, it may bad impact on your business. In addition, many managers because of its excessive attention to customers to forget about their own employees. But their work also depends on the success of the enterprise. Remember that not always the rights of the customer. And very often, you should stand up for his employee, and not to defend the interests of “inadequate”.

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This is only a small part of what you will find in the great book Dan S. Kennedy “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules”. This book will make you believe in yourself and get rid of many of the established stereotypes, which do not leave the pages of the business literature for many years. You will learn that there are no rules, boundaries and limitations you create yourself (and many are trying to help you). The main obstacle to the desired goal – is you.

Highly recommend you to read this bines is a masterpiece. It’s not just a book. This is a tutorial, a practical guide to doing business in our cruel modern world.

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