Book Review: Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit

Book review “Outstanding service, great profit, “Well, that time has come under the heading of “Business books” to talk about the remarkable bestseller Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon titled “Outstanding service, great value. Principles of achieving real customer centricity”. As you already know from the title, this edition is dedicated to creating the perfect service that will have a positive impact on your clients to your products and services. But before we proceed directly to the review, let’s learn more about the authors of this book.

Micah Solomon — today is President of Oasis Disc Manufacturing. Has extensive experience in management and creation of high-quality service. His notes and techniques are frequent “guests” in the famous periodical Success. And Seth Godin in his book “Purple cow” described several methods of practice Miki Solomon.

As you can see, the authors of the book “Outstanding service, great value” are the real experts in their field. So, these are the people who should learn to create high-quality service with the aim of increasing customer loyalty.

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What is this book?

This book will teach you to create a truly outstanding service. The service will go to the legend. A service that will not leave indifferent any of your client. The service your customers “trumpeted” worldwide.

Many entrepreneurs, businessmen and heads of companies wrongly believe that the creation of a high quality service is difficult, expensive and not always beneficial. If you belong to this type of people, you just need to read this book. In fact, the authors will show you how with simple techniques and methods, many of which do not even require any financial costs, take your business to a whole new level.

You will learn what are the components built outstanding service. You’ll read about it already in the second Chapter. By the way, well after analyzing this Chapter, by applying the described techniques for your business, you are already greatly improve the situation and win the loyalty of your customer.

Quality service is built on four key principles. The absence of even one of them could have a negative impact on customer loyalty in General. These principles include: quality product, highest level of service, timeliness and the ability to effectively solve problems. That is, without a quality product your business will not save even a perfect and timely service. Similarly, bad employees can ruin even the most perfect product. And even if your product quality and level of service meets international standards, constant delays, failure of delivery times and other time factors can spoil the whole impression about you and your company. Suppose that you have a great product, polite and qualified employees who perform work in time. That is, it would seem, is perfect and nothing can spoil the impression. It turns out there is another important factor — the ability to effectively solve problems. And believe me, problems can arise even in the best companies. In order not to lose the loyalty of customers in critical situations, you must have established a process for effective problem-solving. Only all these components together can form a truly legendary service, which will speak and tell.

This is a small excerpt on the basis of the second Chapter of the book. Just bestseller “Outstanding service, great value. Principles of achieving real customer centricity” of these eleven chapters. And each of them is truly practical guide for improving service and increasing customer loyalty. Of these chapters, you will learn how important words in business, as mistakes can be turned into success, how to learn to understand what your customers want. You will learn how to select, train and motivate their employees. And in the last Chapter you will read about two of the most important points in communicating with their customers.

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Who is this book for?

The work of Miki Solomon and Leonardo Inghilleri “Outstanding service, great profit. Principles of achieving real customer centricity” can be recommended to everyone. But, first and foremost, it will be useful three types of people. First, for budding entrepreneurs who are about (or are already doing the first steps) to start your business. The principles and recommendations given in the book will help to avoid many errors, to break away from competitors and from the very beginning to merit the sincere loyalty of customers. Secondly, it will be useful to experienced business people who are going through difficult times and don’t know how to keep their customers. Thirdly, the book is useful for leaders at various levels who do not want to sit still and want them, the company is constantly growing and developing.

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