Book: There’s a Customer Born Every Minute Part 1

Book Joe Vitale on Vitale Barrameda is one of the greatest personalities of the modern business world. He is a skilled marketer, copywriter, advertiser, hypnotist, entrepreneur, speaker and business coach. But he’s also one of the creators of the acclaimed movie “the Secret” (about positive thinking and the law of attraction) and the author of dozens of bestsellers. Over time, we will try to tell about all the works of this legendary man. But let’s start with one of his best books that you can recommend to absolutely everyone, regardless of occupation and financial situation. We are talking about the bestseller “born Every minute another buyer,” in which Joe Vitale introduces us to one of the greatest entertainers, marketers and entrepreneurs of the nineteenth century, Phineas Taylor Barnum.

The book was born as a result of many years of study material about this very interesting man. Vitale looked at all the existing movies, read all the books, notes, Newspapers and even listen to a very rare recording of Edison’s voice of Barnum. Many of these materials are inaccessible to the ordinary citizen (even United States). After examining all these materials, Joe Vitale wrote an excellent book “born Every minute another buyer”.

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Why you should read this book?

The question is quite appropriate and natural. After all, Phineas Taylor Barnum lived a century ago. What he can teach modern man and, especially, the entrepreneur? It turns out, a lot. Indeed, despite the fact that he lived in the nineteenth century, ideas and conclusions Barnum show themselves well in the modern world.

This amazing man several times became incredibly rich. But, in the same way, it is completely ruined. But even serious failures could not break his will to win. Every time he rose from the ashes and prove to everyone that lateral thinking works wonders in any situation.

We won’t recount all the contents of the book Joe Vitale “born Every minute another buyer”, even briefly. Confine ourselves to some account of the famous ten tips that Phineas Barnum wrote to a newspaper in 1852. Because they most fully reveal and illustrate the thinking of this remarkable man. He used to achieve success in life and business with the tools and materials that actively used best modern businessmen, advertisers and marketers.

10 tips for success from the Phineas Taylor Barnum

Tip one — choose the business that best suits you. This is what endlessly repeat almost all modern entrepreneurs. The Board is as simple as it is ingenious. Because all people are different. Therefore, the scope of activities you need to choose according to their own interests, qualities of character and mind. Some people well versed in numbers, others write well, still others are drawing, and the fourth can be very persuasive. Of the first to make great accountants and economists, from second — writers, journalists and other artists, designers, illustrators, and fourth — copywriters, speakers, salespeople.

In addition, depending on the character, we can talk about what’s best suited to man — your own business or work in any company. Some people prefer to risk, diversity, believe only in themselves. At the same time, others prefer a calm and stable office job where you don’t need to burden yourself with unnecessary worries. And so on.

The second tip is to never promise what cannot perform. In addition, you should not promise what you are sure one hundred percent. Because the reputation in business (and in life generally) is all important. It is not easy to earn, you can lose it in an instant. If you promise something to its customers or partners, you must get over to get out, but to keep his promise.

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Follow this advice in any situation, and you will always have a lot of loyal friends, good partners and appreciate your customers.

Tip three — give in full. If you undertook something, be sure to bring it to the end. And never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Don’t be lazy. After all, laziness is one of the most frequent causes of failure. Only people who are working their business around the clock without breaks and weekends, are more likely to achieve significant heights and faster succeed.

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