Book: There’s a Customer Born Every Minute Part 2

Fourth advice, always be sober. In the truest sense of the word. Alcohol and business (or success) is absolutely incompatible. When it comes to transactions or changes in your company, signing contracts, etc., your mind should not be clouded by alcohol. You should take a sober look at things. Because alcohol is often a cause of failure of companies and businesses. Quite a bit to lose vigilance, and it will use your competitors. Exactly the same as a pair of drinking glasses can cause unfavorable signing a partnership agreement. Why do you need it?

Tip five — hope, but do not dream. We all know that dream is not harmful. And even useful. And rightly so. But don’t get too carried away with dreams. Because they, too, can lead to failure. Suppose you have collected some capital to start their own business. Do you make big plans, see themselves as incredibly successful — the money, the power, the power. You forget about logic and common sense, but just believe in success. And at one point realize that your business overboard, and you without a penny in his pocket.

No matter how successful I seem to you to your future business, you shouldn’t play. Always look at the situation from the point of view of logic. Count each step, and then you will succeed.

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Sixth tip — focus on one thing. Do not spray. Although in the history there are many examples of entrepreneurs who managed to achieve success in different areas (a Prime example is Richard Branson and his company Virgin), it is rather exceptions to the rule. In addition, even if you focus on a few areas, it is not necessary to conquer them simultaneously. Much better and more logical to do it gradually. First you need to achieve certain heights in one case, and only then move on to the next.

The Council of the seventh — to recruit good employees. Many businesses fail when the head is attracted as members of their relatives and friends. Not because they are good people, but because they are not strangers. This is wrong.

You need to hire only true experts in their field. If you see that a person is not properly performing his job, should talk to him, find out the reasons for this attitude. If the situation cannot be corrected, safely get rid of such an employee. Of course, it’s a pity people. But you’re building a business, and must surround himself with only those who think in the same direction that you are. The rest is discharged overboard. Otherwise, they will hinder the development of your business or even completely destroy it.

Eighth tip — use the is. This is the advice of a man who lived in the nineteenth century. Even he understood that advertising is the engine of any business. To quickly achieve success in your business, you need to expand your client base. Advertising is probably the best way to attract new customers. At the time, Barnum actively used Newspapers for publishing material about their projects (one of the most famous — the famous circus Barnum). Today one of the best ways to Express yourself and your business is the Internet. Surprisingly, thousands of entrepreneurs ignore this powerful and very affordable media.

Ninth advice — live within your means. You are unlikely to achieve heights in life and business, if you spend more than you earn. Surprisingly, many so live. Over time, this way of life leads to huge debts, loans and other unpleasant things. Learn how to save. If the situation demands it, buy a more economical car, buy or rent a smaller place, reduce the number of trips to restaurants, etc. Over time, you will realize that life has not become worse, and now you have some savings, which are so necessary to keep your business afloat.

Tip ten — do not rely on yourself and your strength. Even your relatives, friends and loved ones can at the right time to let you down. Only you are responsible for your life and your destiny. As the saying goes, don’t expect anything from others and you will never be disappointed. This is probably one of the most valuable tips from the great showman Phineas Taylor Barnum. If a person has decided to do business, it needs to believe and hope is mostly in your hand.

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These ten tips are just a small part of the useful information you’ll find in the excellent book Joe Vitale “born Every minute another buyer”. Read the book very easily and quickly (anyone familiar with the works of Vitale, you know how easily and well he writes) and drawn from her thoughts can seriously (in a good way, of course) affect the success of your business and your life in General.

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