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Book review of “Unconventional thinking “Today we review got another book. But this is not just another book on motivation, goals and success in business. It is something more. And it becomes clear after reading the first Chapter. So, we present to your attention an absolute bestseller (published in the West for 15 years) John O’Keeffe “Unconventional thinking. Proven methodology for achieving ambitious goals.” This book will change your view about business, success and methods of achieving goals.

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You have been taught that we should not risk what you need to do small steps and gradually, step by step, to his goal. But what if you do not crawl, do not walk, do not run and do long jumps and to achieve goals ten times faster? What if we set ourselves a really ambitious goal? If one were to increase the profitability of the business not by a few percent, but several times? That is what Chapter of the book “Unconventional thinking. Proven methodology for achieving ambitious goals.”

A quick way of attaining the ambitious goals of John O’Keeffe called the method of eight thinking strategies or qualitative breakthrough. Let’s briefly analyze it and compare with the standard method of incremental improvements.

If gradual improvement is rather small incremental improvements, in the case of a breakthrough method need to formulate qualitative goals. That is, we need to set ourselves a really ambitious goal and to find ways to achieve them. Instead of using the incoming stream of information, it is better to try to create something new, that is, to use the know-how. This is the second mental strategy. The third is to use not only logical, but also creative thinking. After all, fantasizing, mankind comes up with something new. But only new or considerably improved old able to produce a breakthrough in business. Instead method of thinking, the author proposes to use both hemispheres of the brain. And what is responsible for the logical operation, and which is responsible for creativity. The only way to achieve outstanding results.

The remaining four thinking strategies (as well as learn more about the following) you can learn by reading a book. A fine book that is built entirely in practice. In it you will find a lot of different examples that show you all the delights of unconventional thinking. The author was once part of the twenty strongest managers in well-known companies Procter & Gamble, and later founded his own company to conduct training. All it says about this one – he is a true practitioner, is to listen.

Here is an example from the book “Unconventional thinking”, which perfectly demonstrates how modern entrepreneurs and businessmen deftly drive themselves into the framework of the restrictions. Many of them do not even think that their supposedly effective actions to limit yourself and don’t allow your business to develop further. The author gives the following very clear example of how the application of discounts to wholesale customers, you can simply cancel. In this way, customers will still continue to buy large amounts of goods.

The fact that the low cost is not the only advantage of buying wholesale goods. Probably many of us never even thought about it, but there are other advantages of bulk purchases. The author gives an example, with a gas station.

At a gas station you can fill only half tank at a time, whereas in the second there are no restrictions. That is, can I fill the tank, and even in the canister to pour reserve. The issue is whether the owner of the station, where there are no constraints, reduce the cost of gasoline? It turns out, he sells the goods in bulk. Of course, should not. Moreover, it can even raise the cost, and still utilize his services will be beneficial for the customers. After buying a large amount of goods, they save time on travel and spend less fuel on the road.

This is a great example of how, even in the case of wholesale it is possible (and sometimes necessary) to raise prices. Perhaps such a move will scare away more meticulous clients. But the overall picture of your business will improve, and profits will grow with each passing month. Because wholesale buyers will still be beneficial to work with you.

Such a striking and very illustrative examples in the book “Unconventional thinking. Proven methodology for achieving ambitious goals” very, very much. Everyone will find something useful for yourself. Moreover, it does not matter, you, the business owner, or just a person engaged in continuous self-development. Strongly motivated, energized, and incredible brainwashing (in a good way) guaranteed.

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