Business Book: “The Business Ideas That Changed the World”

Book review “Business ideas that changed the world “Finally we’ve got a real masterpiece of business literature, which is dedicated to the great companies, people and historical events. Just, at the moment, the series includes six great books that will be the perfect update for any home library. Today we will talk about the book “Business ideas that changed the world”. Perhaps in the future we will tell about the rest of the publications included in the series. But it should start with this work, as the theme of the business ideas could not be better intertwined with the subject of our portal. Won’t stretch entry, but it is better to move on to the review.

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A few words about the publication

When you have in your hands is a book, it is simply impossible not to say about her performance. The quality of this product at the highest level. The book is heavy (over a kilo), large, it’s very nice to hold in hands. It is in the hands, as it is really very massive. Externally cover is simply gorgeous but even nicer is it to the touch. Expensive fabric Burgundy color combined with the silver embossed letters looks very good. And all this magnificence is additionally covered with a dust cover that protects the book and gives it a more modern look.

Everything inside is just as beautiful as the outside. White thick paper, large, readable fonts, great breakdown of the material into chapters and paragraphs, sub-headings, black-and-white photo high quality — all this makes the reading process comfortable and interesting. The book “Business ideas that changed the world” will not get bored to all lovers of history, inventions, discoveries and great ideas. The only negative (which is both a plus) edition is very heavy. To keep the open book in his hands in the air for a long time is simply unrealistic. You need to be a very strong man. At the same time, if she was light and small, it is not perceived to be so solid and expensive.

With the appearance and physical characteristics little understood. Let us now turn directly to its inner content. As is known, do not judge a book by its cover.

What is this book?

It’s about inventions, ideas, business people who changed people’s lives in the second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. But not just about new products that changed our view of the world. No wheels, bicycles and the like in the book you will find. “The business ideas that changed the world” contains information only about those inventions that received not only the recognition of people around the world, but also commercial success. That is, these are real business ideas that have brought their authors fame and money.

It is very interesting to structure the book. All materials are arranged in chronological order. Since the 60-ies of the last century, studying the book, you will reach the beginning of 2000-ies. We are sure that many “old news” you really will be surprised. For example, today’s tablet computers are not so new. Their first model was created back in the 80-ies of the 20th century. Why is the market they have appeared recently? Yes, because then they were not popular. Why? You will find the answers in the book “Business ideas that changed the world”.

All, after reading the book, you will learn the history of the emergence and implementation of 50 great business ideas that forever changed human society. Among them, biometrics, contact lenses, computer games, Internet, barcode, self-adhesive, leaflets and much more. In addition, you will learn about the emergence of not only the physical products but of various principles and rules. For example, do you know who invented the rule of “20-70-10”?

Chapters of the book are very easy to learn structure. In fact, they are divided into three small parts. The first explains the background of the emergence and implementation of an idea. In the second part we are talking about the commercial success of the event. But the third paragraph reveals to readers information about project after achieving success. This structure allows for maximum detail and effectively convey to the reader history’s greatest business ideas of recent decades.

Who is this book for?

The Deluxe edition of “Business ideas that changed the world” will appeal to all those interested in innovation, inventions, new technologies and business in General. In addition, this is a great book for those who are seriously interested in history. Because there’s a lot of dates, names and events that have changed and continue to change our world.

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What would I like from books?

This series can be continued indefinitely. For example, it would be very interesting to read the backstory of this publication. That is, a book about the business ideas that emerged in the first half of the twentieth century, and perhaps about earlier successful inventions. Another idea for a book from a series that “changed the world” — a look into the future of business and technology. For example, “Ideas that can change the world in the future” or something like that. But it is only our dreams. But the reality is five more books in the series, which is a must-read in the near future. Among them – “Leaders who changed the world”, “the Company that changed the world”, “Words that changed the world, Speeches that changed the world”. All for today.

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