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Probably one of the most confidently standing on the feet areas of the entertainment business, can be considered the film industry. People are so arranged that they simply can’t imagine my life without a good movie. At least, it concerns the absolute majority. Of course, there are those who don’t watch TV and don’t watch movies, but they are only exceptions to the rule.

In addition to the producers themselves, good money to earn the cinemas which show how the premiere of the hottest new and old, well-known for all movies. Cinema is a good source of income for their owners, and to the studios.

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Open online cinema

Today, with the advancement of technology, many businesses are moving to the Internet. It concerns and cinemas. These services offer users a legal safe popular films for money or for free. In the case of free provision of an opportunity to watch the movie, the site exists due to posted on the site or in the films advertising.

Of course, should not be discounted just a huge competition from various pirate resources. Our people are still not ready for a full transition to legal paid content. Therefore, many still prefer to download movies on torrent-in with the official ones. But our members continue to invent new anti-piracy laws to stop this.

And while the copyright holders still lose pirate resources, create your own online cinema with legal content may be a good prospect for the future.

The advantage of this business is its inaccessibility for the majority of entrepreneurs in mind the very high cost. The amount of investment can amount to tens and even hundreds of millions of rubles. Therefore, competition in this segment in our country is still weak.

Next is quite short, but in the case, describe the main stages of launching its own online cinema.

Website creation for the future of the online portal

The technical side of creating online theater – the easy and inexpensive task that will have to be addressed. You need a short, memorable, thematic domain, good hosting (the physical server), and, in fact, the site itself. The design of the engine, programming and layout can be ordered by private specialists or in the Studio. As a rule, work is good for private programmers, designers, page makers is much cheaper and often much higher quality than the consumer goods offered by many (though not all) web-Studio.

Once the website is fully operational ,comes the most difficult moment in this business – adding films.

Where to get movies?

The rights to show the movies to buy from the owners themselves or their representatives on the territory of our country. Sometimes online cinema live at the expense of profits from advertising, and they have to share part of the profit (usually it is about 50%) and the copyright holders provided the cinema films. But this works usually only with old and cheap movies. If you want maximum profits from your business, you should focus on popular new. And here the owner of the online cinema is faced with two serious problems.

First – the cost of the rights to broadcast new products. Even when it comes to our domestic premieres, the right to show these films to tens of thousands of dollars for each film. Plus, the theater pays the rights holders are still a certain percentage of the profits from the film. With regard to international trips that are in high demand, the price of their broadcast rights could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it’s for one movie. It turns out that online cinema must have a multi-million dollar budgets, to rely on the display of new products. But this is not the main problem.

What could be worse than the astronomical sums needed to buy movies? – you will ask. And that’s what.

Historically, the first movies, you get the usual cinemas. They have the greatest number of viewers and bring studios millions, and sometimes billions, of profits. Therefore, to obtain a film, even for big money, simultaneously with the global distribution in real cinemas is almost impossible.

As a rule, all looks. First, the film rights get movie theaters. Then, a few months, it is available on DVD or BD. After his show on TV. And only after that he can access the online cinema. In the end, after the premiere in cinemas may take from several months to a year. But there’s nothing yet to be done.

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And finally – on mentality

We said above about the two problems faced by owners of online cinemas. But we forgot about the most important – the mentality of our citizens.

Will be a long time before we learn how to use the license software to buy ebooks or watch movies on the Internet for money. But with time, our society definitely will come to this. And then starts the real era of the Internet cinemas. And those who used to occupy this business niche will definitely benefit.

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