Business idea: Print shop

Probably should start with the fact that this business idea in the first place, designed for designers, illustrators, artists and other creative people involved with the creation of the images.

But even if you do not have any relationship to this area, you have a chance to get into this business and to create an interesting and growing source of income. But before we proceed to the description of business ideas, it is worth saying some more about what printshop. Because for many the word may be unfamiliar and obscure.

What are print shop?

Printshop is a kind of the production of various accessories, clothing, Souvenirs with prints (graphic images) combined with an online store. That is, they produce goods, sell it on its own site in the Internet, deal with issues of payment, delivery etc.

But it’s not just the online shop with own production. All the more interesting. Print shop themselves and their owners, employees produce nothing. They only sell and produce. Produce and sell. Where do they get the goods? Those same t-shirts, hoodies, phone covers, mugs, pillows and other products with colorful designer prints. Here is the interesting point.

Prints created by artists, illustrators, designers, photographers. Only they did not belong to the working part of the print shop. They are not employees, permanent or soiled.

These designers themselves. Their task is only to create prints for various products produced by the printshop. And for your prints designers and illustrators get the money. No, they don’t create designs to order for owners of print shops. They create their own shop located on the site. Each print can be sold an infinite number of times.

How to make money on it?

Works tandem designers and print shops in the following way. You are logged in the print shop. Create a marketplace. Add your designs, who would like to place on shirts, covers, caps, etc. Next you need to set the amount of the margin.

Further, the buyers come to the print shop. Find your items in the catalog or in your store (which by the way, you can further promote like a normal website). Buy them.

As a rule, make payments once a month or on user demand.


How to start earning?

If you are a designer, Illustrator or artist, you will be able to create the desired prints, and any quantity. If not, you’ll have to fork out for the services of designers or illustrators.

The next moment – the choice of printshop. A lot of them.

The international audience is not so simple. Different interests, different mentality, everything is different. But the advantage of a foreign audience that good prints out there willing to pay even a relatively large amount of money. That is, to sell us a t-shirt for 30-40 dollars – well, not very simple. Even if it is flawless in terms of design. In the West it’s normal price that people are willing to pay for interesting.

The next thing is learning from the print shop. You need to understand what the prints are more popular and what is not to waste your time. Again, depending on the printshop, the same prints can be both the winning and losing.

Then you can start to draw prints or placing illustrators or designers. It is best to focus on a specific theme. So you quickly will gain the attention of the audience.

That’s all. Your task is to create more interesting, unique, high-quality prints. The task of the printshop is to sell these prints.

About how much can you earn in such way. Unless you start, just do not know. And someone turns out to be up to several thousand dollars. In this case the main thing not to stop. The more products you have, the more income. Best of all, this income is limited only by the time needed to create prints.

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