Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book review Napoleon hill Think and grow rich the framework of our column “Business books”, we introduced you to several works of world authors. It was all really good, helpful, interesting book. Some of them can even be called outstanding and the best in its genre. But in the international business literature there are some […]

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Steven Strogatz: The Joy of x

Book review of Stephen Strogatz “Fun with X” Book, which will be discussed in our today’s publication, at first glance, has absolutely no relation to the business literature in General. The way it is. In fact, this is a scientific book devoted to math. Yes, math. But we could not get past it for several […]

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The book Cialdini on the psychology finally, we review got one of the top best sellers in recent time authored by Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and unsurpassed guru of influence and persuasion by Robert Cialdini. This is really one of the most prominent publications in the business literature over the past few years. But, everything […]

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Remote: Office Not Required

Book review “Remote. Office not required “we got just a wonderful book from the publishing house “MYTH” – “the Remote. The office is not required.” The authors of this bestseller are Jason fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, which are well known to fans of the business literature on his previous book, “Rework”. In addition, they […]

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The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power Part 1

Review of “the Expendables” bill Sleei again we have another bestseller. This time we got a book that fully reflects the essence of our portal. It is about entrepreneurship, about entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. And for those who are only going to become them. But it might also be interesting and employees who […]

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Google Speaks by Lowe Janet

A book about the company Google to talk about the business literature in General, it can be divided into several parts. First, it is the “weakest” of the book, almost do not carry anything new and useful. Those can be found on the shelves in a large assortment. And there are in any branch of […]

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“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 3

About the quality. Quality, not quantity. Don’t ask someone to become your subscriber, reader, follower. Do not waste time and effort. It’s no use. These fans do not bring any benefit. Much more important to improve yourself. To develop myself constantly. Without stops and interruptions. Only then all around you will meet interesting, loyal, quality […]

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