Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

Purple cow by Seth Godin

Review form Continue to acquaint you with the best business books in the Russian language. In previous articles you learned about a wonderful work — “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules” by Dan S. Kennedy and world best-seller “be your own MBA. Self-education is 100%” by Josh Kaufman. Today you will […]

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Book: There’s a Customer Born Every Minute Part 1

Book Joe Vitale on Vitale Barrameda is one of the greatest personalities of the modern business world. He is a skilled marketer, copywriter, advertiser, hypnotist, entrepreneur, speaker and business coach. But he’s also one of the creators of the acclaimed movie “the Secret” (about positive thinking and the law of attraction) and the author of […]

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Direct Response Advertising Made Easy

Books for advertisers and advertising has always been, is and will be the driving mechanism of not only for trade, but any business in General. After all, what would you do — trade, services or manufacturing — the ability to reach your potential customer is very important. As important as the ability to make (in […]

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Steal Like an Artist. Book by Austin Kleon

Review of the book “Steal like an artist” Austin or not, and the business is quite creative process. Of course, not all entrepreneurs are suited to the organization of its activities with the creative side. But, most often, are the ones who are doing their thing outside the box and this is well, faster than […]

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Book Review: Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit

Book review “Outstanding service, great profit, “Well, that time has come under the heading of “Business books” to talk about the remarkable bestseller Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon titled “Outstanding service, great value. Principles of achieving real customer centricity”. As you already know from the title, this edition is dedicated to creating the perfect service […]

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The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

Book review “Important years. Why you should not put off life for later,” Meg Casegoods to us for review were not an ordinary book. Rather, all the books, about which we tell something stand out. That is, they are unusual. Otherwise, they would not be in our reviews. But almost all of those bestsellers, which […]

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Business Beyond the Box by John O’Keeffe

Book review of “Unconventional thinking “Today we review got another book. But this is not just another book on motivation, goals and success in business. It is something more. And it becomes clear after reading the first Chapter. So, we present to your attention an absolute bestseller (published in the West for 15 years) John […]

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