Business Books Review

Here we review some most famous business guides and motivation books

Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Book review of “to Take or to give?” Adam Grant to us for review came just a wonderful book from one of the youngest and most successful professors of psychology, Adam Grant. His work was called “to Take or to give? A new look at the psychology of the relationship”. And it is just amazing. […]

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The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy

Book review of John F. Kennedy, “Smart marketing in tough times “In a world of many a best-selling author, sales and marketing, to whose word is worth listening to. These include well-known entrepreneur, copywriter, marketer, speaker and author of numerous books on copywriting and marketing — Dan Kennedy. Today, from his pen came already 20 […]

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Business books for those who want to launch a company

Our colleagues shared a list of books that, in their opinion, is worth reading for everyone who are planning or have already launched their business. Before you book for business, not necessarily about business. “The Goal”. Elia Goldratt, Jeff Cox This book is written by an Israeli physicist who became widely known as the author […]

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Book: 18 Minutes

Review of the book “18 minutes “And again we have a review of a wonderful book. This time to our table was the book well-known consultant to the CEOS and Directors of various companies — Peter Bregman. In his work titled “18 minutes. How to increase concentration, turn off the distractions and do the important […]

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