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Books for advertisers and advertising has always been, is and will be the driving mechanism of not only for trade, but any business in General. After all, what would you do — trade, services or manufacturing — the ability to reach your potential customer is very important. As important as the ability to make (in the best sense of the word) that potential customer to purchase your products or services. Some entrepreneurs rely on their own strength, knowledge and skills, others seek help in famous advertising and PR agencies. At first glance, it may seem that the second had chosen the right path, while doomed to failure. As people do not understand the promotion and marketing, can create a nice advertising campaign. In fact, much more complicated.

Although business owners often have no relationship to the advertising industry, they have every chance to outdo the advertising agencies. After all, they (business owners) have one undeniable advantage. They know better than anyone your business. They know all the important and not so important moments that somehow could affect the success of the campaign. Besides, no, even the most famous, the advertising Agency is not interested in the success of the entire operation so far as it interested business owner (with very rare exceptions). You can argue about this forever, but in reality the way it is.

From here you can make a simple conclusion — if you want to create really high quality, honest and catchy advertising, try creating it yourself. Or to take an active part in its development. And will help you in this wonderful book the great American copywriter Roscoe Barnes III, “How to increase the response from advertising. 95 working techniques”.

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What is this book?

This book is about how, step by step to create great advertising, relying only on their own strength and the advice and recommendations given by the author. After reading you have in mind will be a clear plan to create quality, catchy, and provocative selling text. Many copywriters spend thousands of hours of their time reading professional literature on advertising and marketing. And not all of them can write really cool advertising texts. The reason is simple — most of the books contain a lot of unnecessary words. And very few really useful practical recommendations, which are abundant in the book “How to increase the response from advertising. 95 working techniques”.

The book will teach you not only to create a truly effective sales and advertising copy, but to do to a potential customer offers that he will not be able to refuse. You will learn how to make a potential buyer of your goods and services to perform desired actions immediately. After all, the chances of selling a product is always greater when the customer is “hot”. That is, it is in the moment with your proposal.

The first Chapter of the book Roscoe Barnes III, “How to increase the response from advertising. 95 working methods” is devoted to typical mistakes that copywriters, advertisers, marketers and creative Director allow when creating advertising campaigns. For example, often focuses on product features and not the benefits that it receives in making a purchase by the consumer. The most famous and striking example about the drill and drill bit. The customer buys a drill and set of drills, but the ability to make holes of the desired diameter. This is the benefit that tends to get any buyer for this product. This is just one of those mistakes that are detrimental impact on your advertising and business in General. Just in the first Chapter the author cites 18 such errors. And, of course, gives clear and precise recommendations for their elimination.

In the second Chapter we are talking about the methods of creating the advertising text, which for sure will bring results. For example, a common breakdown long text into paragraphs to make it easier to understand, which in turn will positively affect the response from advertising and will increase the percentage of sales. A simple change of headline can increase sales several times. Again, these are just two examples. In total, the author gives practical recommendations 18.

In the third part of the book we are talking about using quotes to draw attention and enhance the appearance of your ad. With the help of quotations you can make the text more convincing, and the title more impressive. You will find 9 ways to use quotes in the ad copy.

This is a brief description of the contents of only the first three chapters of the book “How to raise a response from advertising. 95 working techniques”. Total of 14 chapters. Therefore, you can reach all the most important moments required to produce an effective advertising message that can make the buyer to take necessary action.

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Who is this book for?

This book will be of interest to several categories of readers. First, copywriters, marketers and advertisers wishing to improve their skills and learn how to create great advertising copy, press releases, commercial offers. Second, the book can be recommended to sellers to improve their professional skills. Because the data of the author of tips and practical advice you can use in active sales. Thirdly, it will be indispensable for any creative Director or the head of an advertising Agency. Now they will be able to take a new look at the activities of his team. And fourth, the book is Roscoe Barnes III, “How to increase the response from advertising. 95 working techniques” will be useful to all, without exception, entrepreneurs and business owners. Because with this table we are able to design and create beautiful advertising that will not leave indifferent potential customers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shortcomings in the book just yet. Rather, it is so good that they don’t want to look. With regard to the merits, they abound. It is compact — less than 200 pages. Written in a very easy and simple to understand language that makes the learning process even more enjoyable and interesting. There is no water. Not even a little bit. Every Chapter, every page, every paragraph, every sentence is valuable advice and practical tips. Another nice feature is the user does not need to study from beginning to end. You can open any Chapter and start learning about the issue is important to you at the moment. This is a real table (or even pocket) book, which should always be at hand when it comes to composing lyrics. If you wish to have your ads sold, and the business grew and developed, you just have to have it on my Desk and occasionally look inside.

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