Drones, candle heater and hoverboard

And again the heading “Collection of ideas” in which we talk about multiple (usually three) interesting ideas business, design, the wonders of engineering and design and other amazing finds. All current selection entirely will be devoted to gadgets. Gadgets unusual, interesting, perhaps even useful. They are still new. Therefore, to talk about their relevance and popularity is still early. However, these projects deserve our attention. So, let’s begin.

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Drones in the form of aquatic and flying animals

Not so long ago we told you about the robot that land delivers pizza. Today will continue the theme of robotic technology. This time we will talk about the drones. As many of you probably heard that modern drones are designed to address the wide range of tasks, not really something people like. They just don’t like it when some strange, bulky, similar to the alien plane things are flying over their heads. Dissatisfaction is quite logical and justified.

But what if you change the familiar design of the drones and make them more organically fit into the design environment? Because people do not irritate the birds flying in the sky. And do not strain fish floating on the lake. So why not use it?

Probably, such thoughts swirled in the minds of developers from Festo. After all, they invented brand new – zoomorphic design for drones. Now the drones look like flying waterfowl and animals.

At the moment, the company Festo has developed the design of three representatives of the animal world. The first drone – BionicANT. It is a flying ant. SmartBird – not that other, as the drone Seagull. And Free Motion Handling is a drone jellyfish.

It is unclear how the new design will change the attitude towards drones and make them more attractive. But the fact that Festo has attracted the attention of the international community is a fact. And what will happen next, time will tell.

Powerful candle heater

Economy and the fight for a clean environment are the cause of such developments as candle heater to keep the room from Italian designer Marco Zagaria. By simple manipulations, he managed to create a unique model of heater runs on regular candles. Yes, those candles that are sold for pennies at any hardware store or supermarket.

The heater is made of several basic elements – base, which is a grill grate, and two terracotta domes. Candles are set on the base and heat up the internal terracotta dome to a high temperature. The outer, thinner dome acts as a heat exchanger. It absorbs the cold air from the external space, and gives heat from the inside of the dome. Due to this simple construction, the heater with 4-5 candles a few hours to raise the temperature of the air in the room by a few degrees.

Of course, yet such a heater cannot displace traditional heating system. But it can be effectively used where there is no conventional heating. Inexpensive, economical and environmentally friendly source of heat already appreciated by thousands of satisfied customers. It is not surprising. Because the cost of the candle heater from Marco Zagaria just $ 50.

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Hoverboard flyboard air

Franky Zapata presented to the public the absolute novelty – a flying Board Air Flyboard. Now this is not the same design that was used for flying water jet. Now it’s real. Now the Board really can fly. And as the driving energy used by a real turbojet engine.

This small but powerful engine allows you to levitate an ordinary person of average build and reach him heights of up to three kilometers. Speed flying Board Air Flyboard can reach 150 km/h.

The difficulty is only in the volume of the fuel tank. It is able to provide only a 10 minute flight. But this problem, the developer plans to decide in the near future. And then satisfied clients will really feel well-known character from the Marvel universe.

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