Ferrazzi Keith: Who’s Got Your Back

Review of the book “got Your back” someone Who likes books on self-development and self-improvement, who, on the contrary, constantly criticize them. The first like change in life that carry such “work”, the second see in such works one negative, thinking that their authors just want to make the money. People from the second group is especially common in our country. To understand that this is not just an empty statement, unable to communicate with his many friends and relatives. Just give them some book on this topic and you will be amazed at the result. More than half of the “test” will simply waive the reading, others will try to postpone this question for later, others will take the book, but did not begin to read it. And only a small part (a few people) of your friends is really interested in the book and the theme of self-development. Basically, it will be young people and adults “advanced level”, which is interested in everything that happens around them.

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This is the reality of our country. The reason lies in the upbringing, in the Soviet past, the special character and values, which are inherent in our people. Anyway, and I think we’re not like the Americans or the Europeans. Anyway, most of us.

But whatever was the case with our belief system, the fact remains – a good book on self-development can change the lives of even the most “stereotypical” person in our country. This should be a really high quality book. The good news is, such books on the market more than enough. It is important to find the one that is most necessary for you at the moment. And one of such bestsellers we will talk in our today’s article.

I want to thank our “secret” partner – publishing, the most useful of books “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”, who continue to send us a review of the newest and most useful work of the world and Russian authors. This time, our table got the work of a famous foreign author Keith Ferrazzi – “Your support group. Personal development programme, giving amazing results.”

A few words about the author

Many of you know the author of the famous book “Never eat alone”. In addition, it is “the Most communicative person in the world” according to one of the most influential periodicals “Forbes”. His articles appear frequently in such magazines and Newspapers as the aforementioned Forbes, Inc. (magazine for entrepreneurs and business owners), The Wall Street Journal (Probably the most influential business newspaper in the USA) and so on.

Who is this book for?

The bestselling book “got Your back” Keith Ferrazzi will appeal to all those who seek self-realization and development. This is one of the most remarkable works in this field. In addition, the book will be really useful to those people who can not move. Those who want to get a powerful push in development, but nothing comes out.

What is this book?

Many try to overcome all difficulties without asking for the help of others, not listening to others ‘ advice and not attracting partners to your team. And thus they make one of the main mistakes, which can be reduced to nothing all the efforts to succeed. No matter what area of work it is. Someone wants to build a successful Internet project, someone creates a business that someone wants to get in better physical shape, and someone who can’t get a promotion at work.

According to the author of the book “got Your back” Keith Ferrazzi, the reason lies in the desire to overcome any difficulties on their own. The author believes that there are situations (and they are many), when to do without a support group (friends, family, partners) is simply impossible.

Even the most influential people on the planet there are always those to whom they can turn to for advice. Look at presidents of countries. This is one of the most powerful people on the planet. But none of them is not without counselors, Ministers, etc., This “support group”, allows you to make the most rational decisions, the right to govern, to improve, reform, create new laws, etc. Not all the countries have the government all good. And that doesn’t always mean that “at the helm” incompetent President. It is possible that the reason advisers and Ministers.

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Of course, all this applies not only to presidents. The owners of large corporations also cannot do without the actual support group. All of you have seen or even participated in a corporate meeting when a General discussion brought some important question. And all (or almost all) employees can Express their opinion or offer a solution. Without this “collective intelligence” are unlikely to be able to exist at least one large company. To make such an important decision alone, very difficult. And not always it is a good idea.

The same applies to sports. Every famous athlete has its own qualified coach. Without the guidance and recommendations of this man, success in the sport would be much less.

All this Kate Ferrazzi says in his book “Your support group”. The main idea of the book is that for self-realization and their plans just need to get a good support group, which in time will make constructive criticism and adjust your course to success.

Reading the book, you step by step will build your own support team, continually develop and make rapid strides towards the realization of their ideas. The author shows (on the example of real stories), that those who have a good advisers, always achieve great heights in any business. Good support is also essential as a powerful motivation, hard work and faith in success.

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