Google Speaks by Lowe Janet

A book about the company Google to talk about the business literature in General, it can be divided into several parts. First, it is the “weakest” of the book, almost do not carry anything new and useful. Those can be found on the shelves in a large assortment. And there are in any branch of literature, so that the business books there are plenty. The main goal of the authors of such publications, we think it is quick money in the General hype (which is easy to achieve with the right advertising campaign). As for the benefits of readers, these books allow except to look at some issues and situations from a different angle. And it can be very helpful.

Secondly, books are good and very useful. Usually, this works fairly well-known authors, who have over their shoulders dozens of the most diverse works. Such books are easy to read, they always present interesting ideas, and most importantly — they are able to learn something new. But the learning of something new is for many, the main purpose of studying a particular book.

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Thirdly, any book category, there are true masterpieces that should be in the library of every person interested in a particular subject (in our case business and related fields). Such books include works which are based on practice, not theory. Most often, it is the work of well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen (for example, Napoleon hill, Richard Branson, Donald trump), biographies and success stories of global companies and their founders (for example Henry Ford’s book “My life, my achievements”). Such work is interesting, primarily because they are based on practice or experience. And it is always more useful than any theory.

Today in our heading “Business-books” you will get acquainted with the work of Janet Lau called “Google. Past, present, future”.

Who is this book for?

It is very difficult to define a specific audience of readers for this undoubted masterpiece of modern literature. The reason is that this book can be recommended almost to all those who wants to achieve success in their work or even personal life. As for those entrepreneurs and businessmen who intend to connect their lives with the IT-industry, for them the book will be particularly useful.

I can also recommend it to employers who dream to create a healthy atmosphere in your office and deserve a real respect for their employees. And it will be useful to employees who dream of a brilliant career and rapid ascent of the stairs “working ladder”. Stories and tips from the book will help those who wish to diversify and otherwise improve their lives. For them, the book presents many innovative solutions that you can adapt for yourself.

And, of course, the work of Janet Lau, will appeal to all lovers of biographies and success stories. In General, the book “Google. Past, present, future” will appeal to all (perhaps very few exceptions).

What is this book?

As you may have guessed from the title, is a success story of Google and the biography of its founders — Larry Page and Sergey Brin. You will learn almost everything from the history of the formation of one of the most powerful Internet companies of our time.

You will learn how originated company with multi-billion turnover, will meet with all stakeholders, thanks to which Google has become what we know it. Very interesting part about Stanford University. You will learn how to study in Stanford and local teachers influenced the success of Google. Meet with teachers, Larry and Sergey, who participated in the development of the future giant.

For those who is looking for investors or business angels for their own promising projects, in the book “Google. Past, present, future” also has a lot of information. You will learn how to seek and attract investment to your project, the founders of Google. Also, learn how to choose the right employees for your company, understand how to best organize the work of his office and will learn many interesting things from one of the most famous companies of today. But that’s not all.

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After reading the book Janet Lau “Google. Past, present, future”, you look at the world of the Internet giant committed a different angle, and most likely forever change your attitude to this great company and its founders. In the book you will find a lot of discoveries. For example, you will learn that Google is not only a Internet search and dozens of applications to run in the network. Today, Google leads the development in different areas — including work on space projects.

Google know everything. Someone she admires, someone criticizes. Someone is trying to repeat the success. Someone enjoyed her development in their daily work. Be sure to read the book Janet Lau “Google. Past, present, future” and find out how the idea of two students turned into a huge business, can change the world and our perception of it.

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