It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be

A review of the book “it’s not who you are and who you want to become “a very unusual book got at our review Desk. I want to start with the story of the parcel which came this book, which definitely deserves your attention. When I was picking up another parcel in the mail, there was an unusual feeling. The parcel was so small that it seemed that she was just empty. It resembled the parcel, inside of which can detect two pairs of socks or some thin t-shirt. But not the book from the publishing house “MYTH”, to the format which we are accustomed. In General, the first impression when receiving parcels were in some strange. Flashed even a note of disappointment. But later impressions have changed. Naturally, the better.

So, inside the tiny parcels had the same little book. In a soft almost black-and-white cover. It’s so small, it seemed, she can just wear it in a pants pocket. It is only later, after reading and studying all fell into place. After all, the book was a real pocket Bible to any person who strives for success. Regardless of the area of activity, age and social status.

We present to your attention the book of the legendary advertising guru Paul Arden called “it’s not who you are and who you want to be.” This man is known worldwide, thanks to advertising campaigns for such brands as Toyota, Fuji, British Airways, etc.

Yes, he is a born advertiser. He’s a star in his field. And his bestseller, referred to in today’s material, also primarily written for advertisers, copywriters, designers, creatives and other people from the advertising industry. But this does not mean that his book “it’s not who you are and who you want to become” would not be useful to everyone else.

It (the book) is already being called a pocket Bible for the talented, but timid people. Indeed, the advice, recommendations, examples of which you will find in the book will demonstrate that to succeed, everyone can. If you wanted to. Want to become the person you want to become. In other words, you must now draw a picture of the future. The future itself. You will not be able to achieve success if you still do not dream about it. You will not achieve success if you don’t know how to be this success.

The book of Paul Arden’s will help you create a personal development plan. You will realize that, in order to be successful, first and foremost, you need to want to be successful. If there is something you really want, you will find ways to get it.

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What awaits you inside the book?

More than one hundred twenty pages of fascinating, short, but very comprehensive information provided in all possible ways. There is also a collection of useful tips. There are many pictures. There are great photos (real color photos in a small booklet). There are also quotes and charts and many other things. Believe me, you won’t be bored for sure.

The book reads in one breath. For half an hour, you can endure it. And believe me, you will inspire so many bright ideas and useful tips that they will last you for a long time. And most importantly – the book is incredibly optimistic. It charges a positive and forcing to do something. Right now.

After reading “it’s not who you are and who you want to be” Paul Arden, you will realize what level of success you want to achieve, how to achieve the unachievable and why the former honors rarely succeed.

You will learn why constructive criticism is a million times more rewarding than any praise when it is appropriate to learn to take the blame and why you never need to hide their ideas from the public. You will learn how to get rid of negative thoughts, know, what actually does your client want, and why sometimes do not take no for an answer.

Than useful error? Why stupid ideas? When it is better to talk less and show more? What is the use of dismissal? The sketch better than the finished beautiful layout? How to attract and work with the best? How to make your company great, even if you are the owner? What does the popular word “creativity”?

All these and many other questions you will find answers to the world’s best-selling book Paul Arden “it’s not who you are and who you want to be.”

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