How to earn money on any Internet website?

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Today we will talk about how to make money on the Internet website, but the example will show what income You can expect, approximately, and what methods of monetization of the portal exists. The site creation process is so simple that you can cope with it can any student.

In order to run your Internet resource, you should:

  • Choose a website theme (we have it about the business);
  • To acquire a domain name;
  • Buy hosting (where to host Your site physically);
  • Order, buy or find a free theme design for Your website (WordPress platform is ideal for beginners).

We suggest to start your website choose a theme which is very interesting to You, believe me you can earn from the site of any subject, only the levels of earnings vary, but it is better to do what You like than be forced to take in the information that You are not interested. For example, if You like to read books, start a website with literary reviews. In every niche there is some information that You can share and download your reader, most importantly, Your content (articles, and any other information on the site) was very good and voluminous. Lead all project and site alone, but you can find people who will to You to write and add articles, monitor social networking project, etc. Usually all web sites start with one person and then can grow into a small company with a large number of news resources.

What needs to be done to run the site?

  • To find a quality resource no matter what the subject that You like very much, and to make him an ideal example to follow;
  • Examine the basis of search engine optimization or SEO (the Internet has a lot of useful material, but keep in mind that it is necessary to read the fresh stuff, as some of the old tips will not only not work, but hurt Your project);
  • Chat with the owners of other resources related subjects, about which You are going to create the website;
  • Sign up on the forums after launch You could submit your site and gain visitors free of charge and in the shortest possible time.

In General, the more informed You will be about the startup and operation of the Internet site, the less You make mistakes and the better will be Your website. Understand that now you can get advice in any area, paying money for it, but You can give even a million rubles, to create a cool site, but if You have no clear plan how to develop it and how to make it, You will remain with nothing. Come to the launch site thoroughly, do not copy information from other sites, to lie, to publish material that is prohibited by law, etc.

How to make money on the Internet?

There are several ways to monetize websites, and probably the most popular is advertising, but have You heard about other opportunities? For example, take the website about literary reviews. For example, if traffic to Your site exceeds around 300 unique visitors a day, then You can write to publishers of literature and ask them to send a few books for review. They will do it absolutely for free and thus You a small overview will be able to read the modern literature. Not exactly a salary, but a huge plus. The same applies to many other sites, when big companies are willing to send You free product to review. By the way she is also subdivided into several categories:

  • Advertising banners
  • Paid articles/reviews
  • Contextual advertising (Google AdWords and others)

There’s another area – referral program. That is, You create a website, encourage people to register somewhere, e.g. on AliExpress, and receive from each purchase visiting a small %. Internet one of the most popular niches in this area are:

  • Travel (tickets, booking hotels, selling travel equipment, etc.);
  • Sites about fashion, the so-called beauty blogs;
  • Gambling (casino, poker);
  • Financial markets/trading (Forex, binary options).

We were able to chat with the owner of a fairly young site about binary options who shared his story about the launch of the website and even talked a bit about the nuances of referral programs in the field of trading. I would like only to note that the founder had previous experience in the independent launch sites, experience in the field of Internet marketing, as well as in partnerships with referral programs.

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At the launch, we have spent less than $100: $ 50 cost buying design at 10 $ logo design, and the rest went into the placement of the website on the hosting for a year. All original content created by the Creator of the site, that is, the costs were minimal. The website was launched just a month of work, and in 2 months brought the first income from the referral program from the broker, which exceeded the initial investment. Coincidence, luck? You can call as you want, but the fact is that to start your website you need a minimum investment and the payback period is usually six months or a year. How to work the referral program in the field of trading?

You write articles about brokers about the trade and provide links to registration in financial companies. The person clicks on Your link, register, Deposit money and You earned your first money. For example, at the broker’s minimum Deposit is $200, and the one who invited him to broker is easy in England to obtain $400. The success of Your project – quality content. Your articles should all be perfect, voluminous and easy to read. If this is achieved, You without problems will be able to earn money on the Internet website.

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