How to get money for your own business? Part 2

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Private investment

Attracting investors in a small business is becoming more popular and common. People wishing to become investors, surprisingly enough. This can be an individual, several co-investors or the organization. The main difficulty is to search for promising new business ideas. Have to strain, and a professional detailed business plan that will interest the investor, to provide data for studies of consumer demand in a niche, to calculate the return. There is even a separate category of “business angels”, which on investment in budding businesses. They are united in noncommercial partnership and involved in the selection of talented entrepreneurs with interesting ideas.


If you do not have enough funds to pull the business alone, it is possible to attract partners. Profit will be distributed depending on the contribution and participation in the business. Someone from partners can be money, another facility or equipment; iii, established the market of goods and services. In partnership with lost individuality, but proper design of the relations in the initial stages will minimize disagreements in the future. Over time, the partner may lose interest in the business that will allow you to buy him out.

State support

Not necessary to be skeptical of aid from the state. It does exist. Not so tangible as we would like, but to obtain the money actually. There is a subsidy from central employment to open their own business, the program from the department for work with small and medium businesses in the administration of the city, separate subsidies from regional authorities. This is a small amount of a few hundred thousand, but at the positive decision and target use of allocated funds return is not necessary. Of course, a business plan might not pass the contest, but you can try.


The last few years is gaining popularity as a fundraiser on the principle of “national funding” when the investors are ordinary people with a contribution amount of at least 100 rubles. A businessman puts his idea to create an interesting product or service on crowdfunding site on the internet. Contributions may be repayable, the conditions of a pre-order for a future product or in exchange for a share in future business. There is a high probability not to collect the necessary amount, if the idea seems people are not interested in.

No cash investment

Start-up capital, generally will be spent on premises, equipment, purchase of goods, wages, taxes, advertising. You can try to get part of it ready. To start you can work at home or in the garage, furniture pick up for free on craigslist, equipment lease, the remaining goods to buy the closed firms in the postpaid terms, as employees to bring friends or freelancers, willing to wait for payment to make a profit.

There is an opinion that beginner business loans for only three to f is a family (family), your friends and fools. In part, this statement is true. Banks are afraid to lend because of the lack of guarantees, investors prefer to invest in already on his feet the business, the government helps too slowly. But never get the money only one who is not will start to look for them. To date, around enough ways to find money for their business. Harder than when boils work.

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