Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The book Cialdini on the psychology finally, we review got one of the top best sellers in recent time authored by Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and unsurpassed guru of influence and persuasion by Robert Cialdini. This is really one of the most prominent publications in the business literature over the past few years. But, everything in order. Let’s start with the presentation of the authors, thanks to which we all have a chance to read this book.

Noah Goldstein is one of the most famous teachers of the Higher school of business at the University of Chicago. For many years engaged in the study of psychology in business. Is a consultant to many well-known U.S. companies. And the article Dr. Goldstein published in leading business publications.


Steve Martin is a businessman, consultant, marketer, speaker, persuader. And concurrently head of the British consulting firm Influence At Work. He teaches the psychology of influence and persuasion at the London school of business John Cass, level, Cranfield University and several other educational institutions. In my practice the techniques and methods described in the book “Psychology of persuasion”.

And finally, Robert Cialdini — probably the world’s most famous specialist in the field of psychology of persuasion and influence. His work is published in the most authoritative editions, quoting him millions of people around the world, his methods are used by leading corporations from around the world. He is the author of several books on persuasion, one of the most famous is the bestseller with a million copies of “Influence: science and practice”.

Now imagine being able to create a team of reputable researchers? Right, one of the best books in the field of influence and psychology of persuasion.

Who is this book for?

In the first place, “the Psychology of persuasion” Cialdini, Goldstein and Martin will be useful to businessmen, managers, commercial people. That is, those professionals who, due to the nature of its activities, is constantly faced with working with clients. Customers who need to convince (or even force) to perform some action. This action could be signing a major contract, a contract for the supply of raw materials, profitable deal for the sale of some object and so on. All these people are facing various invisible psychological barriers that often prevent them to get from your opponent perform the desired action.

But, of course, the belief that this is an area of psychology, to possess which is recommended to everyone. After all, we are confronted daily with the unwillingness of others to fulfill our requests, demands, and desires. The easiest and most intuitive almost all example — parents and children. Poor adults go to the most unexpected action to convince their children just to eat a meal or a little to clean my room. Children is the ideal audience for testing is described in the book “Psychology of persuasion” techniques and methods. After all, if you can learn how to influence children, you will be able to use these techniques in any other situations, with clients, partners, superiors and so on (and will make it much easier).

In simple words, the mastery of techniques of persuasion and influence will greatly simplify the daily lives of even normal ordinary citizen. After all, these techniques can be used at work, in business, in relationships with friends and family in the upbringing of children. We now proceed directly to the book itself.

What is this book?

Robert Cialdini, Steve Martin and Noah Goldstein, in his work “the Psychology of persuasion” has collected 50 of the most effective and proven in actual experiments the techniques of persuasion.

After reading the book, you will learn many effective techniques that will help you become more persuasive. For example, on how to create difficulties or limitations may force audience or a specific person to take the desired action in the near future. You will learn why a wide range of products and services can badly affect the success of your business (customers can get lost in the choice and refuse to purchase at all). The authors of “psychology of persuasion” tells us an interesting story about the influence of mirrors on the behavior of people. This experiment is really amazing and makes you wonder. You will get acquainted with the techniques of persuasion that were used three hundred years ago, he Benjamin Franklin. You will learn how to use the faults and weaknesses of their products and services as a tool of influence. And so on and so forth. This is only a brief description of several of the topics described in the book. All it describes 50 techniques and a few additional chapters on belief in the modern world (including in terms of the Internet). Each page is a ton of useful practical information.


Chips books

The main feature of the book is that you can start using the techniques from the first day of her reading. A is given in each Chapter illustrative examples will show how to make it in business, work and daily life.

You can just explore each of the chapters of the book “Psychology of persuasion” and gradually use these techniques in real life. For example, I read about the influence of mirrors on the behavior of the person. You can now use this piece of furniture in your office or even at home (experimenting on children). And so with each successive Chapter, with each new method of beliefs.

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