Online or offline?

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What better business is online or offline? Where better to develop the business or simply work, on the Internet or in so-called offline (i.e. offline)? It is with this theme we decided to start publishing on our portal. I think that among you there are people who also care about the issue. So, let’s see and answer the question of what business (or work) is better online or offline? We will not impose their beliefs on everyone, but we are inclined to believe that it is best to have business in online, and offline. Consider the following arguments in defense of this view.

On the one hand it may seem that the online business easier to start. No need to run to government institutions, to fill out numerous paper, wait for confirmation, pay taxes. Rather, all can be found in the network activities, but not necessarily. In the beginning of his way, many online entrepreneurs are not registered anywhere, do not open IP etc. the Next point is about competition. You always (or almost always) have competitors, but they don’t know you personally. Moreover – if to approach to a question seriously, you might not reveal their identities to the public. So, no matter how much you earn, competitors can only sit and envy. And not only competitors, but also many haters. It security – online business outperforms traditional offline activities.

Another argument in favor of earning money in online you have access to any point of the globe where there is Internet. You can work with almost all continents and countries. At least with Africa, even Asia, even America. And for the business areas and the borders have just a huge value. Online such boundaries simply do not exist.

Online or offline?

The costs of organizing an online business can be quite small – on average, as a rule, several tens of thousands of rubles. And, importantly, the investments pay off very quickly. In addition, there are ways to make money on the Internet absolutely without investments. Enough to have access to the network, a great desire and patience. And then everything will be OK.

But not everything is so smooth online and not so bad offline. Yes, taxes online you cannot pay, but to avoid any unnecessary issues with the future pension, it is better to register as an individual entrepreneur and to start paying all contributions. If everything was easy, then we would have already all worked and built a business exclusively on the Internet. But this is not the case, although the number of such entrepreneurs is constantly increasing.

For example, in terms of attracting clients offline business can beat his younger opponent. To find clients offline, in some cases, easier (although not always). They’ll be all over your goods to the nearest shop. Online need to come up with all sorts of gimmicks to spend money on advertising to attract visitors to your website.

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And – to make online really big money, you need to have diverse knowledge in different fields. Ordinary laymen who crowds eager to work in a virtual web, are unlikely to earn really large sums.

Perhaps that is why it is best to have a business (or earnings) both in online and in offline. Now, many offline entrepreneurs seek in Internet and online businesses are conducting various conferences and paid seminars offline. But it is already noticeable that the online environment is increasingly part of our lives. And very soon, most likely, no one businessman would not do without the virtual environment. After all, as the great bill gates:

“Who is not on the Internet, that is not in the business”.

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