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Work less, manage time is nowadays extremely popular. And for good reason. Because the rhythm of modern life is many times more intense than it was a few decades ago. We are constantly in a hurry. Otherwise, we can break out of the usual mode, something no time and to lose income or vacant positions. So arranged our world that survives in it only the fittest. Or should I say the fastest. And if further refined, it is survival of the one who manages everything. That is why the theme of time management is at the peak of popularity in the recent years.

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Work consumes us

Many do not notice, but, actually, the way it is. You start to work hard on the project, then on the next, then take another one. And at one point begin to understand that do not soak too long in this mode. You withdraw from friends and loved ones, as your communication is reduced to a phone call once a month. You are ruining the relationship with the family, so as not devoting enough time to your wife, husband, children, parents. You forgot about the existence of his hobby, which once upon a time you had. You are completely absorbed in work, career growth, the realization of the goals. Work is consuming you, your personality, turning you into a soulless robot, whose main objective becomes earning money.

The scary thing is that many who find themselves in a similar situation, did not immediately realize it. And even when you begin to understand the essence of what is happening, can no longer return to normal life. They don’t know how you can work less without sacrificing the benefits of a new intense regime. But there’s always a way.

And today, as part of our “book headings”, we will introduce you a best seller, Kerry Gleeson “Work less, manage more.

A few words about the author

Kerry Gleason is a businessman, speaker, business coach, specialist in the field of time management, the founder of PEP®WORLDWIDE. The world-famous program of personal efficiency (PEP), which in 1984 was actively implemented and used for training middle managers.

The book “Work less, manage more,” was released in 2009. Since then it has been translated into 17 languages, reprinted four times, and its total circulation exceeded one million copies. These numbers say that this masterpiece is worthy of your attention.

Who is this book for?

In a global sense – this book will be useful to everyone. In fact, regardless of the type and objectives of our activities, we all face the same problem. We work a lot (at least we think so), and have quite a bit.

If you want to change the situation is exactly the opposite, the book by Kerry Gleeson “Work less, manage more” for you. The author step by step real examples show and tell how to improve personal efficiency, how to do more in less time, how to release time for vacation, how to become a master of your time.

Book will help come to work on time, find time for your family and friends, will help you to get Hobbies and get rid of the constant pressure of lack of time.

But what’s inside?

And there is a lot of advice, practical “tasks,” bright examples of how to organize your time to work less and do more.

The main idea of the book – “Do it right”. Do not put off things for later. Many times we have heard this advice from parents, teachers, lecturers, trainers, managers and colleagues. But let’s be honest – few of us used this rule in everyday life. After reading the book “Work less, manage more,” you will understand the power of this simple principle and is likely to want to implement it in your life.

Practical advice from the book will teach you simple methods not to postpone business for tomorrow. You will understand why there is an unpleasant feeling of pressure and congestion, automate workflow and learn to get pleasure from what you do.

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According to the author, people often postpone the things that bring them at least fun. It is quite logical. But such cases are present at every step. And how could you not like, you still have to follow them. But even the most uninteresting routine tasks can be turned into a habit (such as washing or brushing your teeth two times a day). And then to perform such tasks will become much simpler and easier. After all, you absolutely do not “glow” to turn on the TV or the descent in the Elevator. This is a automatic actions that do not cause you any irritation.

The book by Kerry Gleeson “Work less, manage more,” will teach you to organize your workspace at your Desk or computer, will help you effectively manage your email, will make you an incredibly effective leader. And, most importantly, will show you how to bring all things to the end.

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