Photo stall to print pictures from Instagram

Photo stall Instagram portal we have talked about the different areas of the business that appeared, thanks to the promotion of some product or service. A striking example is the application to create, edit and store photos — Instagram. It appeared relatively recently. But immediately won the love and respect of millions of users around the world. And every day the army of fans Instagram is only getting bigger and bigger. Similarly, periodically, there are new services and products, or otherwise associated with Instagram. Usually, this variety of internet services that extend the capabilities of the already popular application.

The main component of Instagram is, of course, the pictures of the users. Swirling around them all the functionality of this photo submissive. Photos can be processed by imposing all sorts of beautiful filters. They can do no less vivid descriptions. You can store huge number of images and have full access to them from any device. You can just collect cool pictures and you can share them with your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives. Or even with the whole vast army of users of Instagram.

Therefore, if you want to use the popularity of Instagram in their business purposes, it is necessary to focus, first and foremost, to work with photos from Instagram. You can, for example, to sew a designer pillow with images from Instagram, as is done in the company. You can invent something like a printer that prints pictures from Instagram. And you can go even further – as did the heroes of our today’s material – and to create a unique photo stall, all functionality which, again, is focused on working with Instagram.

Always a pleasure to talk about good business ideas. Even better, when these business ideas come from our country. These guys figured out how to popularize the photo. The fact that the usual terminals and the photo booth feature where you can quickly make or print pictures, as something bad has taken root in our country. Especially with the advent of smartphones and front facing cameras when doing a “selfie” (picture of yourself) has never been easier.

The guys figured out how to make your photo popular photo. All you need to do is to combine them with the popular service Instagram. New photo stall allows you to quickly and easily print any pictures from the popular social network Instagram. In addition, you can print pictures from your own phone.

The pictures are square, are very similar to those old photos that were previously made by using polaroid. Only the picture quality is significantly higher. And the filters from Instagram are adding even more gloss and beauty. And thanks to the use of premium paper, the snapshots are not afraid of moisture and do not rush, in addition, they will not fade even after several decades.

Photo stall for printing photos from Instagram is a rectangular object, the body of which is made of wood. This gives the machine a sort of premium look and attract more attention of potential customers. Inside hardwood case hidden electronic filing. And outside there is a large touchscreen display, which is the user interaction with the kiosk. Also include a bill acceptor for receiving payment for printing photos.

The terminal in the following way. A person comes, enters the username of the Instagram chooses photos that wants to print to, makes the necessary payment and get a printed photo. As noted by the users who have already tested the functionality of the unique photo stall in, you can print not only your photos, but also photos of any other account. It is sufficient to specify the username of a person and select the desired photos.

Image result for Instagram real photos

There is even the possibility to select multiple photos from different accounts in the same order. That is, you choose a couple of your photos, a couple of pictures of his girls, some more photos from the accounts of colleagues, and then pay once and print them all.

In addition, the plans of young entrepreneurs run franchise. That is, it is possible that soon we all will have a real opportunity to purchase this unique machine and use it to create a long-term business in your city. According to the guys, in franchise the assumption already interested more than 150 companies. And who knows how many more private entrepreneurs. And while the franchise is in development, it remains to be seen to follow the news and find ideal locations for the possible location of unique to terminal.

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