Play Your Brain: Adopt a Musical Mindset and Change your Life and Career

Review of the book “Music of the brain “Not so long ago (literally at the end of December) we came another new product called “Music of the brain. Rules of harmonious development.” The authors – Annette PREN (known in Europe business coach) and Kjeld Fredens (scientist, neuroscientist). You should not be surprised. No, we decided to retrain in the portal of music. And this book is not about music. It’s about self-development. Or to be more precise, it reveals to us many aspects of our brain, helps more to understand its nature and to change your life for the better.

To justify the title of the book, the author compares the workings of our brain with the game on the keys of a musical instrument. Even the chapters of the book have corresponding names. For example, the Chapter on “key value” or “key body”. The book describes eight keys, learning to skillfully play which we will be able to subdue the brain. And that means you’ll be able to take control of life into their own hands.

It is difficult to say how much all this comparison with the playing keys of a musical instrument played for the benefit of the book, but overall, the “Music of the brain” an interesting read. It has a lot of interesting facts, tips and exercises that will appeal to all those involved in self-improvement. After reading this book, many look at the empty world on the other side. Many will want to change something. It will even succeed. This is important. But let’s take first things first. Let’s start with the cons.
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What’s not to like in the book?

Overall, the book is very good and useful. It really gives food for thought, makes you look at things from a different angle. But there is in it, and one common fault. Sometimes it is too scientific.

All of these dives into the scientific facts about brain activity is good. But descriptions of the processes occurring in our head, in the book “Music of the brain” too much. A little too much. For readers who are related to neuroscience, perhaps it will be a big plus. But for those people who use the book for self-improvement, all these scientific terms and entire paragraphs about the brain may be incomprehensible, uninteresting and sometimes boring.

Our conclusion is as follows. If the authors paid less attention to neuroscience, and we would focus only on issues of self-development, occasionally adding scientific facts, the book would benefit. It would become a shorter, more interesting and easier to understand. Although perhaps another book could not be. After all, she had two authors, one of which is Child Fredens – neuroscientist.

Is that for the cons. Now for the pros, and some will tell you that awaits you in the pages of the book, Annette Pren and Kelda of Fredens “Music of the brain”.

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What awaits you inside the book?

And inside you will find eight fascinating chapters, each of which tells about one of the keys for the game on our brain. Hereinafter briefly about what you’re waiting for these chapters.

It all starts with the key “Idea”. In this Chapter the authors share their reflections on the theme of how our thoughts shape us and our lives. You know what a concentrated and sensitivity attention. Learn to use at the moment, the analysis and judgment or observation and feelings. Yes, sometimes it is feelings, emotions make drinking choices. And not always work, good judgment and logic.

Everyone knows about the need to treat the situation with optimism. That negativity attracts negativity. What bad thoughts interfere with focus and make everything right. But few people think about the fact that too high a degree of optimism can play a cruel joke. For example, overestimating your capabilities, you may lose your winnings.

A very interesting paragraph about the “point of view helicopter pilot”. If you have any difficult situation, do not rush to panic. Imagine yourself as a helicopter pilot. Try to see yourself, the world around us and problems encountered with altitude of the helicopter. Applying this exercise, you will realize that not all problems are as bad as it seems at first glance. Many of them are not even problems. So, just unpleasant tasks that need to be addressed.

Loved the part about anxiety and complaints. Five minutes of worry can lead to stress. And there and before depression nearby. It is important to learn when to stop. And again. Not all situations we can solve it. It is many astonishing, makes you worry, be angry, etc. In fact, the solution is much easier. Just need to focus on the things that are under your control. And that does not depend on you, let remains behind a Board. It is difficult to accept. But it is very important.

Not to mention the paragraph about helplessness. The man is an amazing creature. Once once in a difficult situation, which does not depend on him, he was taken prisoner of helplessness. But the worst thing is that people tend to carry their old helplessness in a new situation. In the end, he begins to think that it is not able to cope with situations that, in fact, have a very simple solution.

In the Chapter “Values” we liked the exercise. It is simple, interesting, and it really helps to identify your own values. After all, many of us don’t even think about what is important to them in life. The exercise consists of seven items, doing that, you better know yourself and understand what is really important to you.

For example, you are asked to recall the emotional UPS. It’s those times in your life when you’ve had some significant breakthrough. In personal life, in work, business. Another interesting point – turning point. It’s those moments in your life when you have been some drastic changes. And all of them negatively or positively affected you. About the other five points of the exercise, you will be able to learn from the book “Music of the brain”.

And yet – for the values – you should always remember that not all people perceive your value the same way as you. Even members of the same family can attach a different meaning to the same value.

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From the Chapter “Body” you will learn about mirror neurons, which allow us to study various processes and to acquire skills simply by observing other people.

In addition, you will understand that stress has a positive side. Stress teaches us to adapt, to adapt to the challenges of the environment.

This is only short excerpts from several chapters of the book “Music of the brain”. In fact, you will find about 300 pages of interesting (although sometimes tedious) information, fun facts and fun exercises. Probably, the understanding of the brain will not come immediately. You may need time to learn how to skillfully manage the keys of your brain. But it’s definitely worth it. After all, learning to control the mind, you will learn how to manage your life. And this will be the most useful skill you could acquire. That’s about it. Happy reading!

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