ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

The book is about blogging new Orleans review of business literature will focus on the earnings and doing business on the Internet. If we talk about ways of generating income in the virtual space, but today there are a lot to devote to one full book. But even among this variety of options there are that are very popular and have already proved their efficiency for many years of its existence. Examples of such ways to make money — create and sell sites, conduct thematic mailing lists, forums and of course blogs. Almost all these kinds of profit we already told on pages of our portal. And today, under the headings of business books, we will focus on the book of the famous Western bloggers — Darren Rose and Chris Garrett — called “Your blog on the Internet. How to make a million”.

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What is this book?

The name speaks for itself. This best-selling one of the most famous masters of blogging tells us about one of the most popular today field of activity — the conduct of their blogs. It is worth to say that the book talks about professional blogging with the aim of getting good profits. It’s not like the network logs Housewives in LJ. Although among the Housewives often professional bloggers. After all, just a hobby and regular maintenance, even a personal blog can bring money and fame.

From the book “Your blog on the Internet. How to make a million” you will learn about almost all major aspects of the launch, maintenance and promotion of blogs. You will learn how to choose the right niche for my future Internet journal. In fact, often, it is the right choice of subjects plays a crucial role in future success. Some niches are incredibly popular, but when choosing them you must be ready for serious competition. Others are almost free, but not popular with potential readers (subscribers). How to make the right choice? This you will learn on the pages of the book.

In addition to her you will find answers on most popular questions new bloggers. How to start, how to develop and promote your online diary, how to choose the right domain name, how to setup a blog, what is the role of good design, etc. You will get acquainted with almost all possible ways to generate income from your blog, learn what distinguishes direct from indirect earnings. And, of course, learn how to create really high-quality and interesting content. After all, the content of the blog determines its future success. And this is not what will teach you the book of Darren rose and Chris Garrett “Your blog on the Internet. How to make a million”.

Who is this book for?

First and foremost, the work of Darren and Chris will be useful for new bloggers and those who are only going to start your journey in the Internet business. With its help beginners can avoid many errors and failures. Because of this, to achieve success in blogging will be much easier.

You can also recommend a book to all active bloggers. After the successful experience of the specialists in your area will never be over. Perhaps you will discover something new, or look at a familiar situation from a different point of view (which, of course, always useful).

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The pros and cons of the book

The book is Darren rose and Chris Garrett “Your blog on the Internet. How to make a million” like any other book, has certain strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with the bad — disadvantages. They are few, but they exist. First, many aspects the book describes is too superficial. That is, will have to seek additional information on certain issues. Second, the impact of the Western origin of the book. It focuses on the Western segment of the Internet. Therefore, some critical suggestions may not work for us on the Internet. These are the two main drawback of this work. Now for the pros.

The book is very compact — less than three hundred pages. But it has answers to almost all questions arising in the mind of a budding blogger. All information is well structured, from beginning to end, from simple to complex. Following the advice from the book, step by step, you’ll create and develop your own blog, first choose a niche, domain, set everything up, write the content and finally publish your first post. Read the book very easily and quickly. The language is clear, although the documents are full of technical terms, things are very simple. But most importantly, in the book “Your blog on the Internet. How to make a million” Dana really valuable practical information, which will allow you to move immediately to action. So, hurry, get a copy and start studying.

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