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Book review “Remote. Office not required “we got just a wonderful book from the publishing house “MYTH” – “the Remote. The office is not required.” The authors of this bestseller are Jason fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, which are well known to fans of the business literature on his previous book, “Rework”. In addition, they are founders and executives of the Internet company 37signals – a developer of professional software. On account of a lot of very successful programs and services. Basecamp is an online database for projects. WebEx is a service for organization of conference calls with the ability to view information from the right monitor. Campfire – an ideal solution for enterprise group chat. And so on. We will not hesitate to tell about the authors of this masterpiece, and it is better to move on to the book. The more that we have something to say. The book we loved. First things first.

What is this book?

“Remote. Office not required” is a book about the future. About what awaits our world in the near future. No, it’s not about the next end of the world or the presidential elections. About the future of business, work, office world. About how will be organized the workflow in the most promising companies. That conventional office will constantly disappear, and remote employees will become as familiar working class, which today are “white collar”.

Why do you think most people nowadays want to try your hand at the earnings in the Internet? If we are talking about the inhabitants of the province, that their desire might be explained by higher potential earnings. But what about those who live in big cities? After all, the latter are provided with thousands of offices promising companies that can offer them great jobs. However, many citizens also look to the Internet. Moreover, they do not mind even the fact that the first time, their income may be lower than at the nearest office. They value more – the freedom that cannot give the traditional model of work but can guarantee the Internet earnings.

All this and the authors of the book “Remote. The office is not required.” Only they see not the option online earnings, and remote work in General.

What is remote work? This is the same “office job” with all superiors, colleagues, reports, meetings, salaries and other things. Only there is one important point. Office each remote employee is his own home or apartment. Or even any place that he likes. You can work, even at home, even in the nearest cafe, even in the coworking-center, though on a Park bench. It does not matter.

Jason fried and David Heinemeier Hansson consider remote work from many different angles and perspectives. From the book you will learn how meetings, the constant questioning of the authorities, check and total control do not give office workers to perform their normal duties. At the same time, distant work easily solves all these problems.

You will see how much time is the most invaluable human resource – take daily trips to work and back. Especially in large cities, where the roads are always jammed. Remote working allows more productive to spend travel time and allows to significantly increase the employability of employees.

You will realize that the traditional eight-hour day is not the limit of perfection. You can work at any time (day and night), and the result of the work will only improve day by day.

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You will be able to calculate how much you can save effort, time and money by working remotely. After constant travel office require additional investments. For example, the purchase of meals, more frequent trips to the Laundry room, massive spending on gasoline, etc. Savings applies not only to workers but also business owners. They can also significantly reduce costs and increase profit, simply abandoning the office. Because the modern office is expensive, and often unnecessary, fun.

You will learn how to organize workflow remotely with numerous colleagues, who may live in different parts of the city, the country and even on different continents. This will help to modern communication technology. What you will learn after reading the book “Remote. Office not required”

And that’s not all. In the book, the short and very entertaining topics that will reveal to you the wonderful world of remote work. You will realize that nowadays it is not necessary to live in a huge, noisy, polluted city, to be a successful person. You can live in any part of the world where there is Internet. And in General – not necessarily immediately burn bridges and go to the remote office. You can initially combine an office and a private apartment.

For managers, chefs, Directors of companies that are so afraid of losing control over their subordinates, in the book “Remote” is a lot argument in favor of remote work. Because, ultimately, it does not matter how much time the employee spends in the office. The only important result of its activities. And to the point. In addition, in the case of moving of your best employees due to remote work, you will not lose them. And this is a big problem in our time.

In General, the book is replete with a variety of questions and answers on the topic of remote work. This is the guide for those who want to lead a nomadic life, constantly moving from one city to another. And also – a Handbook for the Manager of the 21st century, who does not want to “manage seats” and wants to create a cool company with loyal employees.

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Who is this book for?

For those who dream about freedom. For those who are not afraid of change. Change, which in any case will break into our lives. In a year, two years, ten years. It will happen. We are very close to the edge that starts the world of remote working.

The best solution is that remote work in the book “Remote. Office not required” is considered from two different points of view.

First, from the viewpoint of remote workers. The authors clearly show what are the advantages of becoming a worker decides to work outside of the office. They also warn about the disadvantages of remote work, which will have to face and to overcome.

Second, the remote work from the perspective of the employer. The authors tell about all the virtues of such cooperation. And also work with potential objections of the owners and managers of companies. After all, the decision to give their employees freedom of choice did not deprive the chiefs of control. Anyway – a satisfied worker is not need in total control. After all, in the end, he gets the money for the result. And if it gives good result, never delay the delivery of the project, time to answer customer calls, what does it matter how, when and where it works?

Also loved some of the chips that are used by authors in their company 37Signals. For example, they pay employees their Hobbies. They believe that only educated people can become a good employee with their own opinions, big aspirations and a huge baggage of ideas. And hell, it’s incredibly correct approach. In addition, they do not divide their workers into urban residents or province. All are equal, all have equal rights, all receive the same salary.

All this and much more you can read on the pages of the book “Remote. The office is not required.” All for today. We wish you a pleasant reading!

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