Savings – a sign of wealth or poverty?

Unlike the rich man from the poor not only in money, but in relation to them. At the time, as wealthy people buy things, guided by more of a desire than a need, less wealthy citizens to carefully weigh the necessity of each purchase. But among millionaires, there are still misers, and some straitened in finances people are taking out loans just to buy another nonsense.

There is an opinion that the total savings forms the psychology of the poor and creates a mental barrier for money. A poor man tries to keep the money, not to attract them. It is aimed at finding cheaper goods, the repair of obsolete of things, a collection of infinite number of documents to receive a penny subsidies. Although these time and energy could be spent earning real money.

However, do not confuse the desire to save all with a rational expenditure of funds. The disaster is also not conducive to attracting Finance, but the true rich people are very frugal people. Planning your spending is not a sign of poverty or stinginess, and financial literacy.

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What is impossible to save

Health. Natural healthy products are more expensive than synthetic substitutes, but poor nutrition can cause serious health problems. In the end, the savings on food money will have to spend on treatment. A healthy body is more efficient, and time spent “in hospital”, this is an additional blow to the wallet. For the same reasons you should not skimp on sports and preventive measures.

On education. Even the professional in your area need constant improvement. If all free methods of training are already exhausted, you should not skimp on the purchase of books and video lessons, attending seminars, courses of improvement of qualification. More educated and experienced specialist will make more money staying in your development colleagues.

Appearance. Rich people are well-groomed and effectively dressed, but the poor man could not look worse. When resources are scarce it is better to buy one, but expensive suit or dress than to score cheap closet rags. Special attention should be paid to accessories. Quality should be shoes, belt, wallet and watches. Even the freelancer, which customers cannot see, a decent look will give you confidence.

Repair or throw away?

Signs of people stop eating from cracked dishes, and look in the broken mirror. Is to disease and poverty. Proponents of alternative medicine and bioenergy claim that the broken things have an adverse impact on the health and psychological state of the owner. Materials with compromised integrity accumulate and then emit negative energy. How can that be, if you do not have enough money to buy new things? Or damaged item keeps pleasant memories?


Crockery chipped and cracked do not use, and not only in a poor mind. This cookware does not look aesthetically pleasing, it is possible to injure yourself while washing, and the exposed metal enamelware hazardous to health. From falling into the food of glue from the United fragments of dishes too, nothing good should not wait. Another bad idea is to serve guests table dear good dishes, and by every day for dinner from the inside out plates. Even alone you must eat like a king, instead of years to keep new sets in boxes. It’s not saving and senseless parsimony.

If the broken element of the dish is a family heirloom or a precious souvenir, you can restore and preserve, but not to use as intended and not to put in a prominent place. In order to save porcelain and ceramic pieces of tableware can be given a second life. For example, lay them on the cottage steps, a garden path or flowerbed.

Mirrors and figurines

Even the most beautiful statue with a broken piece or glued part is unlikely to decorate the interior. With such things it is necessary to leave without regret. To save on decorating the room. Handmade things are not only saving money, but and pleasure at creation, make the design unique, can be a good gift.

To keep in the house broken mirror people are afraid of since ancient times. It is believed that the mirror is a conduit to the underworld, and through the crack penetrates the dark energy. The man who sees his reflection in the shards, as if to split its own nature and would be unhappy for seven years. To believe in omens or not – a private affair, but broken mirror is better to throw. If the frame is expensive or beautiful, then it is possible to retrieve fragments of a broken mirror and replace with whole cloth.

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Clothes and shoes

To wear ragged old clothes – a sign of poverty and carelessness. This does not mean that things should be thrown away after the first hole. To save you can sew a seam, sew a button, fix or replace the clasp, put art patch. But the stretched and faded things better to throw. Worn out shoes creates a bad impression and spoil the gait. To diversify the modest closet will help a great number of accessories.

Of old denim things you can make beautiful cushions, bags, coasters hot, soft toys, Slippers, and worn shirts and blouses is perfect for making quilts, napkins, aprons. Even scraps of clothing will come in handy for applique or panels. Imagination will help save wardrobe from lost clothing, keep money in your wallet and fill the house with useful things.


Broken furniture no place in the house. Misshapen sofas and armchairs are harmful to the back, with a shattered chair to fall on, rickety doors do not perform their functions and fortune room is not added. If you do not have the skills to repair yourself, it is best to contact the webmaster. Upholstered furniture and restoration of wooden combined with careful handling will save your finances and transform the interior.

When you do not have enough money, it is wiser to buy one, but expensive and qualitative thing. It is more profitable than constantly repaired or replaced cheap. And moral satisfaction from owning something rich and desirable is priceless.

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