“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 1


Recently we got the book a remarkable artist, writer and just a good man Austin Cleon called “Show your work” (the author is already known to our readers by the book “Steal like an artist”). The book is definitely worthy of close attention. It is full of clever ideas and useful tips. Its author is an incredibly interesting and versatile person. And most importantly – he is a good writer. After all, only a good writer can easily convey a lot of ideas to its reader.

Moreover, after reading the book “Show your work” the reader can change the view about many things concerning the workflow and creative activities. Some of the usual things you will see differently. And certainly you will a completely different look at your job, as a process.

Looking ahead, I want to say about the main idea of the entire book. Do not be afraid to show their work. Don’t try to hide the workflow. The more about you, your work and your life to know your colleagues and fans, the more loyal and more loyal they become.

For all those who are engaged in creative activities or just consider myself an interesting person. Or for those who wish to become. This is the perfect book for artists, writers, screenwriters, singers, designers, architects, illustrators, copywriters. And for all those who are engaged in online activities. Who wants loyal followers. Who runs a business and wants to have an army of potential customers. In General, the book Austin Cleon “Show your work” will be useful to a wide circle of readers.

Some ideas from the book

Below we offer a brief description of almost all chapters. We’re not going to reprint verbatim the paragraphs of each Chapter. Just a short thought after reading the most interesting parts of the book. Go.

Share your ideas with the world. Thus, you create a environment. And this environment at some point may help you in the most difficult situations. In other words, sharing their work, you gather around them a loyal dedicated audience. The audience that supports you. An audience that is willing to help you with advice and deed. And sometimes money, if necessary. This applies not only to creative activity. This applies to any activities at all.

To create real masterpieces that continue to grow and develop, do not hesitate to show the work and workflow of their audience. So you just get the necessary constructive criticism, listen to advice and recommendations. It is possible that among these statements will be something that will forever change your approach to the working process. In a society born of a good idea. The myth of the lonely artist – just a story.

About the Internet. According to the author (and many agree with him) is an opportunity to show their work, to show the creative process, chat with like-minded people and establish relations. This is an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people and followers, and even idols. On an equal footing. The Internet blurs the boundaries of status, of security, country of residence etc. on the network are all equal.

About the fans. Be Amateurs. Don’t wait when you will become a Pro. And do not consider yourself a Pro. Sometimes it only hurts. Often, fans can look at the question from a different point of view. And the output that fans often create ingenious things. The reason for Amateurs not be afraid to experiment or look silly. They just do it.


Often it lovers can teach you more than a professional. Probably for the same reason, we often develop a new profession by reading blogs and forums on the web, and visits to universities, courses, schools do not give significant results. There are working pros, and we sometimes find it difficult to understand them. As well as them to us.

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