“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon Part 2


Around lovers quickly going audience just like them. People don’t like, even afraid of professionals. They are comfortable with fans. At least with those who are not “wears a crown on his head,” though well versed in the subject.

Interesting idea of the author – if your works are not on the Internet, it is, in fact, does not exist. Now everyone has a great opportunity to share their work online. You need to use it. Tell about the work. Not only have you down as a result, but also on the work as process. People love to follow the intermediate steps of creating interesting works. And by the end of the project around you will gather an army of loyal supporters.

About personal diary. Keep a diary. Capture everything you see. Share your story with their audience. Keeping a journal will allow you to better feel all the work that you do. In addition you will always have a brief history of your becoming a professional. This story can be used, for example, as a portfolio.

About the fragments. Those pictures, photos, short messages you post on Twitter, Facebook, your blog will eventually become your reserve. Your first draft. Fragments of your story. And all this can be used in more complex and important work. For example, the Twitter feed can easily turn into a real printed book. And why not?

About the blog. Be sure to create your own website or blog. This is the best online tool. Your tool that nobody can take from you. Social network can be closed. Your account may be blocked. And your blog will exist as long as you like yourself.

About the collecting. If you like something to collect, be it stamps, records, cars or just funny cat pictures, share your collection with your audience. These are your “treasures” will tell more about you than a thousand words.

About real. Don’t try to be cool, trendy or fashionable. Be real. Do not betray their own interests. If you like to collect boxes for the matches, but your environment thinks it is nonsense or it is now not fashionable, does not mean you have to give it up. Do what you like, collect items that bring you pleasure. It’s your life. Your rules. Your enjoyment. And no one can take them from you. And share your interests and Hobbies (only if it’s not too personal).

About copyright. Always when you copy the work of others indicate authorship. For you it is a trifle. But this small change is the true sign of respect for the author. Treat foreign works the way you would like others to treat your work. It’s that simple.

About history. People don’t buy things (especially when we are talking about expensive purchases or art objects). People buy the story that carries these items. That is why is so sought after original paintings, statues, vintage cars, Museum pieces, etc. make up stories or tell stories of the appearance of your work. So you will attract more attention and make their works more valuable.


About knowledge transfer. Learn yourself and teach others. Just sharing the secrets and teaching others their craft, transferring valuable knowledge, you grow as a professional (or Amateur). If all to hide, to hide, to keep secret – all your secrets will be forgotten, will lose relevance, will cease to be valuable. And over time, forget them yourself. Sharing your “chips” with others, you don’t devalue your work. On the contrary. People even more willing to follow your creativity, buy your courses, books, attend your seminars.

About the relationship. Learn not only to tell, show, write, but listen, to watch, to write. To qualify, you have to give. To have recognized, you have to know others. These are interrelated processes.

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