Smart Rich People’s Quotes

Wealthy people are most likely to cause “mere mortals” envy and irritation. But before you give in to these destructive feelings, it is necessary to understand the origin of their capital. Below are 9 sentences uttered by rich people who earned money with their outstanding intellect, talent, and inexhaustible diligence.

Co-founder of PayPal, head of electric company Tesla Motors, billionaire investor Elon Musk is in no hurry to enjoy their wealth. Inquisitive mind of an engineer-inventor constantly confronts his master more ambitious plans. Musk is working on projects in the field of automobile and rocket that can change the future is now. No wonder his personality was the inspiration for Tony stark – the main character of the movie “Iron man”.

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“If you have millions of dollars it changes your lifestyle — those who say otherwise are blatantly lying. I don’t need to work terms of standard of living, but, you know, I’m working. I work every day and on the weekends, and I was not on vacation.”

“There is a graveyard of previous attempts, a big graveyard. And, probably, on it there is a freshly dug pit, waiting to be filled.”

“The best advice I was given is this: doubt yourself and always think about how you could work better.”

An innovator in the IT industry, co-author of 312 patents, one of the founders of the world famous company Apple and Pixar, a businessman-workaholic Steve Jobs had a salary of only$ 1 a year. In his student years, he slept on the floor in the Dorm and ate a free lunch in the temple of Krishna. Even on a post of the Chairman of the Board, jobs continued to go in jeans and a turtleneck and drive the rental car. All his strength he has directed on enrichment, and the creation and implementation of new technologies for people.

“Satisfaction with life and its meaning brings only the presence of the target. It helps to improve the health, longevity, and inspires you in difficult times.”

“I can fire the person, then call him to discuss a project or to rehire him. The past I don’t care, all that matters is the present.”

“There is no successful people who never stumbled and never made mistakes. There are only successful people who made mistakes, but then changed their plans based on past failures. I’m one of those guys.”

The inventor of the electric chair, the author of the idea the world’s first professional tattoo machines, one of the founders of cine Thomas Edison created a small science lab when he was only 10 years old. Since then he worked on his inventions every day. Entrepreneurial spirit, which is not every scientist, allowed Edison to implement a commercially successful project of the system of electric lighting, and made him a millionaire.

“Most people believe that one day they will Wake up rich. They are half right. Eventually, they do Wake up.”

“I don’t need no horses, no boats at all that I don’t have time. I need a workshop!”

“I have not been working days and days off. I just did and got pleasure from it.”

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