Steal Like an Artist. Book by Austin Kleon

Review of the book “Steal like an artist” Austin or not, and the business is quite creative process. Of course, not all entrepreneurs are suited to the organization of its activities with the creative side. But, most often, are the ones who are doing their thing outside the box and this is well, faster than other achieve success. Initially, with regard to the creative ideas of the business of commercial illustration, photography, writing and so forth, then there is nothing to say. Creative expression here must occur at every step. In view of the foregoing, we offer you a review of the absolute best seller of the famous writer and artist Austin Cleon “Steal like an artist. 10 lessons of creative expression”. I guess you could say that the book market has not previously seen anything like it. To put so much information and helpful lessons in this small book — it must be very hard. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning.


Who is this book for?

Book Austin Kleon “Steal like an artist” we can safely recommend to all creative professionals. But not only that. It will be useful for all those who are constantly searching for new ideas, considering ways of realization of those or other Affairs, trying to find a creative beginning. In General, this book is for you all and specifically for each. Believe me, it will transform your usual look to many things. You will learn a lot about others and overcome many of their fears associated with creative expression.

What is this book?

The main idea of the book is that new ideas simply do not exist. Everything has already been created earlier. But this does not mean that you should not strive to create something of their own. After all, any old idea can be wrapped in brand new artwork. So make the most of the great artists, writers, filmmakers and entrepreneurs around the world. If you take some supposedly unique and brand new product or service, then a detailed examination will see that it has inherited features of its predecessors. That is, this new idea collected from multiple already known. It’s about the same as the inheritance of human genetic traits of their parents. No matter how you want to be unique, you will still be traits of your parents, grandparents and so on. In the case of generation of new ideas, everything is exactly the same.

Work Austin Kleon “Steal like an artist” is divided into 10 chapters, each of which answers one of the questions posed. Walk briefly on some of them so you have an idea of what the author writes.

The first Chapter of “Steal like an artist” reveals to us the secrets of the uniqueness of creative works and different ideas. According to the author, there is nothing original. All artists steal, but only honest telling others about it. There is another interesting situation. Some people really believe that they created something unique. But, most often, it occurs due to the fact that they don’t know about the source of borrowing, although previously they had already seen. They just invent the wheel, seeing drive-bys around cyclists.

Many say that every person is original. Actually, this is a very controversial issue. Yes, we are different from others in appearance, mental development, character. But often we do not notice the other. If to speak about our character, it is determined, depending on the society in which we live. Those who surround us, the greatest impact on shaping us as individuals. Most often, we just absorb the traits of each of the people in their environment. Look at your friends. You probably have common interests, you might even dress like them, love the same food and so on.

In the works are all exactly the same. From what information you are constantly passed through, depends on what you can come up with in the end. Therefore, you have to become a collector. A collector who steals other people’s ideas and carefully puts them in his collection. Only to steal it is only decent ideas that inspire you. And — copy the ideas of different idols. Because when you imitate someone one is plagiarism, but when you take the best from many — you are a genius.


In the second Chapter of Austin Kleon talks about the importance of practice. In other words, you do not need to improve constantly in my thoughts. You need to develop in your business. And to grow as a professional work only when you will be constantly busy. Don’t wait until you look at all of the business that are going to do. Because the study may take many years. It is better to start this business and learn it from the inside.

The third Chapter has a very interesting name – “Write the book you yourself would like to read”. That is, no need to wait until someone creates the product you would like to have. Try to create it. Did you like the movie and you can’t wait to see its sequel? So write a script, invite friends, grab a camera and show the continuation of themselves. Who knows what will in the future be “childish” act.

In the fourth Chapter, the author of the book “Steal like an artist” speaks about the importance of working with your hands. Once in a while. Indeed, in our age of high technology, we perform a lot of operations with the help of the computer. Yes, it speeds up the workflow. But do not ignore the manual work. If you are a computer artist, try at least once a week to paint and pencils on paper. If you’re a writer, do not ignore the paper and pen. It will make your work more varied and interesting, and may become the cause of new brilliant ideas.

About the importance of Hobbies, the author says in the fifth Chapter of his book. He says that you should never walk away from what you’re really interested. After all, it has long been observed that the most successful people achieve in areas that they most like. And yet — should not ignore your increase, even if too many of them. Try to spend a little time with each of them. So you make your life more interesting and diverse. And who knows when I’ll need it once your hobby.

This is only a brief description of the first five chapters of the book. All of them, we will remind, ten. And believe me, there contains a huge amount of very valuable information that will be useful to you in work and business.


Features of this book

Austin Kleon has created a truly unique product. It’s not even a book, but rather reading booklet answers the most important questions a creative person. It has an unusual format, inside of a huge amount of positive illustrations and photographs on every page there are quotes by famous people. Text not very many, but each row is unique and expresses one of the countless thoughts of the author. Highly recommend this masterpiece for anyone who aspires to creativity, success and self-expression.

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