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Book review of Stephen Strogatz “Fun with X” Book, which will be discussed in our today’s publication, at first glance, has absolutely no relation to the business literature in General. The way it is. In fact, this is a scientific book devoted to math. Yes, math. But we could not get past it for several reasons. First, anyway, and any business that is in any way connected with calculations, figures, data. And it is mathematics. Second, its author is one of the most famous teachers of mathematics all over the world. And thirdly, despite the fact that this is math, not so beloved by many, the book is very-very exciting. It will be interesting not only to those who teach or study this science, but also most ordinary people. Like you and me. Hence, the publication of such books is also a promising business idea. And this is our theme. Isn’t it?

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The author is so captivating and carries us through these equations, theorems, task that we are just drawn to the end of the book we know we love it all. Perhaps this contributes to a large number of interesting tasks, perhaps constant the intersection of mathematics with the real world, maybe interesting stories from the author. But the fact remains – this book opens to the reader a completely new math. Interesting, exciting, simple.

So, meet – Stephen Strogatz “the Pleasure X. a Fascinating excursion into the world of mathematics from one of the best teachers in the world” from the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”. A book that became a bestseller in the online store in the first week after its release. The book, which I want to tell you a little bit more.

What is this book?

On the one hand, this is a book about mathematics. But on the other hand, this is not a book about math in everyday life. The author clearly and very interestingly shows how certain events in our life can depend on simple mathematical calculations, values, and formulas.

Remember the high school program of algebra or geometry. And answer honestly – are you happy to go to those classes? Sure, many will answer “No!”. And this is not surprising. Teachers in typical schools is very similar. Their main “trick” is the constant claim that their most important piece and without it does not. That’s only if you ask exactly where we need logarithms, square roots, parabola, axis XY, and so on, they are nothing intelligible can not answer. Just all of this is important.

Not surprisingly, after such teachers, and later – after the same teachers in the Universities, mathematics many simply hated. It is very difficult to make a person learn something that he didn’t like. I wonder why the developers of textbooks for schools and Universities still did not think to add to the book real examples of the use of mathematics in real life? After all, it would have made the book more interesting, fun and useful.

Believe me, after reading a book by Stephen Strogatz “Fun with X”, you have a lot to revise, and treat math differently. You will see how our world exists because of numbers, formulas and mathematical operations. And numerous exciting tasks, which in the book abound, will force your brain to come out of hibernation and earn in new ways.

You will experience an entirely new math, which was not known before. And, quite possibly, love it. Or at least will be treated with more respect, will not be afraid and look at the world through different eyes.

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Who is this book for?

We can safely say – Stephen Strogatz “Fun with X” will be interesting for the wider audience of readers. It does not matter who you are – a math teacher, athlete, bartender, or bus driver – it will be interesting to all. Some will look at this scientific discipline from a slightly different angle. And others will learn the math the second time, only now everything will be more productive and exciting.

In conclusion, a few interesting challenges. At the end of our review we wanted to publish a couple of problems from the book.

The first task about the clothes. You shop for buy brand new jeans that feature discount of 20%. The initial price is 50 dollars. In addition, you must pay 8% sales tax. Before making the purchase, the seller offers you first deduct the tax and then do a 20% discount. He is motivated by the fact that in this way will save your money. Whether you agree? Which option is more profitable for you?

The second problem about the taps and the tub. There are two taps – hot and cold water. The cold tap fills a bath for half an hour, and hot for hours. How much you will be able to fill the tub, if you open two taps at once?

A solution to these and many other tasks you will find in the book of Stephen Strogatz “Fun with X”. Enjoy reading!

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