“Territory of Delusions”

Book review of “Territory of delusions” we have another material in the traditional category of “Business books.” I must say that not everything presented on our portal, reviews refer it to the business literature. We often talk about books on the subject of creativity, self-development and psychology. Today’s review, as time will be dedicated to one bestseller on the topic of human thinking in General and of the brain. What this book to people interested in opening their own business, and earnings at all? Yes to the fact that without understanding how the human mind is sometimes very difficult to come to any decision, to conclude a cooperation agreement or to properly motivate their employees.

So, to us for review came new from the publisher MYTH – “Territory of errors. What mistakes do smart people” authored by Rolf the Dobelle. This book is the error of our thinking. About why sometimes we do completely inexplicable things. And yet, our actions depend on what will be the result – positive or negative. As you know, success in business also depends on our actions. Therefore, knowledge of the errors in our thinking can prevent a lot of trouble in the future.

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Who is this book for?

The bestseller of Rolf the Dobelle will appeal to all those who loves to introspect and self-development. These people will find in the book “Territory of delusions” a lot of interesting information to ponder.

Also, the book will appeal to all those who are trying constantly to develop and use useful information in their activities. As they say, better and more useful to learn from the mistakes of others. Or not to do them. After reading the book you will be able to see things quite differently.

The author will talk about Ostby 52 common thinking, which occasionally hinder us to make balanced well-considered actions. Is their fault we are doing what we later consider to be nonsense. How was it possible to make this unprofitable contract? How was it possible to agree on such a low price? Why we missed the opportunity to get these prospective employees. And so on and so forth. For some reason, often we first do and then reflect on their actions. To blame the errors of our thinking.

Now a little specific about what awaits you in the pages of the books of Rolf the Dobelle “Territory of delusions”. As mentioned above, just waiting for you 52 parsing errors of thinking. Here are some of them.

An explanation of the reasons. It is as simple as effective. Just explaining the reason or that his actions or requests, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of their words. The author cites the example of airports. And in one, in another there are delays. Only one no one explains the reasons, and the second saying simply – “for technical reasons”. That is, the second airport gives passengers the answer to their question “why delay the flight?”. It does not matter that the reason for “technical reasons” does not give a clear and detailed answer to the question. Importantly, the second airport to give at least some explanation.

A simple example from life. Remember the school. If you just ask to go out, not the fact that a strict teacher will approve of the phrase. But it is necessary to voice such a simple reason like “I have an important call” as the chances are magnified.

Tired of making decisions. Another surprising, though perfectly logical, a property of our brains, he gets tired after a long hesitation. Remember how you chose a product in the online store. If this is a serious and expensive purchase (camera, computer, leather briefcase), then before you tip the choice in favor of one or another product, you will read hundreds of reviews, surveys, watching videos on YouTube. At some point, we catch ourselves thinking that have absolutely nothing uptake. It is the weariness of decision-making. At such moments there is a chance to make purchases (or any other important action), about which subsequently will regret.

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So, never take decisions in a tired condition. Take a break from classes and relax for ten minutes, eat something nutritious, drink tea, and only after all the thoughts back in your head, make decisions.

The author gives a great example of the IKEA stores. Who was, he knows that this is a very large shopping area. It is possible to walk for hours. Approximately mid-way of many buyers is evident weariness of decision-making. All this leads to the fact that many refuse to even from planned purchases (“something the brain already doesn’t work, let’s see the sofas in another time”). And here, to increase the number of sales, marketing Capreoli simple solution – they placed right in the middle of the path of movement of the client’s signature restaurant. Now people can relax, eat, gather your thoughts without leaving the store. Brilliant!

You, as businessmen, must always remember that the chances of successful negotiations or a good deal increase in morning and afternoon. When your partners and customers are cheerful and full of energy.

Why are bonuses weaken the motivation. And it’s right for you, fellow entrepreneurs. It is well known that many business owners try to motivate their employees. And what could be better motivation than monetary reward? Right? And here and there.

Often (of course, there are different cases) money as a motivator only aggravate the situation. The author gives a perfect example with kindergartens. Sometimes parents are late and pick up their children later allotted time. To solve this problem, the management of one of the kindergarten has introduced fines for being late. Thus, they wanted to force the parents time to pick up their children. Do you think something happened? No way. On the contrary. Parents became even more late. Because now they know that it is possible “legally” to stay and then just pay the fine.

The same thing happens in organizations where management uses monetary motivation. In the end, the employees cease to work just for a salary. Now they want bonuses for every move in the workplace.

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Why should you burn the ships? Another interesting feature of human thinking. While we have the opportunity to do several things, we will deal with each of them, constantly being distracted and switching to a new task. Yes, we love to work inefficiently. Instead of focusing on any one thing or one area of reality, we want to be able to do everything at once. The result – we do not become experts in any of his many fields of activity. For a long time and we can’t bring all the hanging things to the end.

Sometimes you just need to burn bridges to make the only choice and continue in only one chosen path.

We told only about the three errors of thinking of the book of Rolf the Dobelle “Territory of delusions”. Just 52. Among them there are very entertaining and controversial, curious and boring, but the knowledge each of them at the right time can protect you from taking wrong and even dangerous decisions. That’s about it. Happy reading!

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