Tesla’s Robotic Charging and Camera for Night Photography

We are glad to present to your attention another collection of interesting ideas from around the world. Them again three. I wanted to do more but don’t want to violate the already established tradition of this column. Today, all ideas will be presented in the form of new high-tech gadgets, each designed to solve specific tasks. Not all of the development you can touch or buy in the store. But they all demonstrate, in what direction will develop one or other sphere. So, let’s move on to the first idea of today’s collection.

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Automated charging robot Tesla

Recently, the automobile company Tesla keeps appearing in the news and on the pages of thematic communities. This brand, it seems, is going to make a real revolution and popularize electric vehicles throughout the world. Today Tesla cars get a lot of good reviews from leading automotive publications. And that means the company is moving in the right direction.

The biggest challenge for manufacturers of electric vehicles, including for Tesla – the maximum distance the vehicle can cover on one charge. Gradually the capacity of the batteries and their sizes are increasing. But there are certain limits, beyond which until you have.

Therefore, the second objective is to provide owners of electric vehicles charging stations where you can quickly get a portion the electricity and to continue the path. And in this regard Tesla again ahead of the rest.

Not so long ago, Tesla demonstrated a working sample of a robotic charging for electric vehicles in the form of a snake. The unit moves and behaves like a real snake. Only this snake is not looking for sacrifice and does not seek to attack her with his poison. “Snake-charging” Tesla is able to find with the help of special sensors is a place to connect on the car.

The device is currently being finalized. Corrected mistakes. Edits are made. It’s still not quite enough to use it on the street. But knowing the potential of the company, it can be assumed that in the near future, such charge-robots will be available to the ordinary owners of the Tesla.

Ultra-sensitive camera for night photography Canon

All modern cameras are equipped with good enough features and hardware to make pretty good pictures in low light conditions. Especially good to deal with it SLR camera. And if you add a good lens, put the camera on a tripod and set a slow shutter speed, even at nighttime, you can get good static shots.

Now, some numbers. Modern cameras of leading brands have maximum ISO value (ISO) in the area of 25 600, at least – 51 200. This is a very serious indicator that can give good results when shooting in the evening.

But Canon, one of the main players in the market digital camera – this seemed too little. And they created a special camera for night photography. And that footage was effective and did not contain noise, he gave the device sensitivity (ISO) 4 000 000 units!

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All this allows the camera Canon ME-20F-SH to have high-quality imagery even when there is no moon, only in the dim light of the stars in the sky.

The camera has all the advantages of the best cameras from Canon – full-frame image sensor, a versatile mount for branded lenses, and numerous connectors to external devices.

And now the most interesting. Price Canon ME-20F-SH will be about $ 30,000. So not everyone, even a professional photographer will be able to afford this device.

Transport pocket-sized tablet

Kuniko Saito has created an amazing vehicle – WalkCar. This is something similar to a skateboard, in fact, is a competitor to the more heavy, bulky and expensive Segway.

Size pocket “machines” comparable to the settings of the tablet or small laptop. The weight of the gadget is two to three pounds. Depends on the specific modification. Works WalkCar from the built-in battery, charge which is enough for 12 kilometers with a maximum speed of 10 km/h. full charge Time is about three hours.

The unusual case of the Transporter are made of aluminum, so it can carry a man or cargo weighing up to 120 kilograms. This gadget can be not only a great substitute to traditional skateboards, but also a great helper to carry heavy things. For example, he will help carry the heavy suitcase or box.

The device operates very simply. Get it started and drove, you just need to be on it. To stop – to just go. Control, as on a skateboard is accomplished by tilting to the side. The first finished samples WalkCar will appear this fall. Price will be about $ 800.

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