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Recently in the world there is an interesting trend. People less and less think about saving their money in the form of savings. People simply stopped putting money aside for the future. The reason for that is probably the crisis. Or maybe the formation of some new type of personality of the modern generation.

Although for us it’s not that big of a discovery. What is there to speak. In our country this trend has always existed. We very rarely think about how we live in the future. For example, on pensions. And what to think? Just need to work well. And going out on a holiday, get the money, which it is impossible to live. And then the seniors open my eyes, and there is a clarity of thought. It’s too late. It’s time to find a new job. Or two. To somehow stay afloat.

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Your future self gives advice

In the West all differently. Where people think about retirement while still very young. Of course, your future retirement and so they will be able to be good, but the mentality of Western people is different. For them, retirement is a period of rest, relaxation and new experiences. Many of them, after retirement, embarked on a great journey across the country or the world.

Naturally, this situation makes us think about the savings. And that is why, many of them to retirement age have an impressive Bank account.

So. In recent years there has been a nasty trend. Over there in the West. People are greatly reduced the percentage of savings for the future. They live for today. And do not think about how they will live then. It’s so soon. And why? After all, you can now go to restaurants to relax in expensive hotels, drive nice cars, dress well, etc. And what will happen, whom it is now necessary.

Naturally, this situation does not suit many people. People are just afraid of the future – their own and their children. And therefore are making a serious attempt to change things for the better. To teach people how to save money for the future.

There are many ways of motivating people to save. Various social commercials on TV. Motivating movies. Good examples of friends and acquaintances who have come all this way. Articles in the Newspapers. Motivating business books. Success stories. It’s all good. But it’s not working. Or rather it works, but very rarely.

According to scientists, people rarely have a strong bond with its future. Most even can’t imagine what they would be using 15-20-40 years, where they come and what achieve. And many do not try to change anything, and just calmly go with the flow.

Probably many of you listened to instructions from their parents and grandparents. Did you see their examples. Have you seen how people live in retirement without savings. But almost none of you tried to associate these people with you in the future.

Fortunately, there are interesting projects such as the website Edge ‘Merrill’s Face Retirement, which are designed to take a new approach to the question of motivation. Such projects may be able to change people’s minds and force them to seriously look at the question of saving money for the future.

The site works is quite simple, but very interesting. You register, indicate your age and using a web camera make your self-portrait. The app is built into the functionality of the site, scans your image. And creates an electronic version of you. Not just a copy. And the aged copy. For example, years, like, 30 or 40. You, looking from the screen, wrinkles, graying hair etc.

And here is your copy of the future looks at you and starts giving you advice on how to live. The main focus that is to save, care for health, to think about the future. The program throws a financial facts, data, statistics and other types of information that should motivate you to useful changes.

According to the developers, when people will see yourself 40 years from now, you will see a real connection with your future. Maybe he’ll even think about it, and someone even begin to save money, lead a healthy lifestyle, sports and open finally their own business.

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It is too early to talk about the success of the project. It takes several years to see some real examples of the positive impact of electronic versions of your future “I”. Because one thing short-term motivation and actions, and quite another – when a person really changes their life.

Whatever it was, Face Retirement Merrill Edge – it’s a noteworthy project. And would like to see similar developments appeared more. Including in our country. That’s about it. Good luck and more creative ideas!

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