The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

Book review “Important years. Why you should not put off life for later,” Meg Casegoods to us for review were not an ordinary book. Rather, all the books, about which we tell something stand out. That is, they are unusual. Otherwise, they would not be in our reviews. But almost all of those bestsellers, which were discussed in past editions of the column “Business books”, was in some way connected with the business. Today’s book is more about psychology, about human development, about the importance of a particular age period. But whatever it is, it presents information relevant to the different spheres of life and human activity – from starting a family to starting their own business.

First and foremost another instance is provided a wonderful book. Secondly, allow me to introduce today’s book review – “Important years. Why you should not put off life for later” authored by Meg Jay.

Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in this field. At some point her main category of customers are people in age from 20 to 30 years. This age group, with their problems, experiences, interests, so interested in the author that she not only communicates interest with these young men in his office, but also wrote a book dedicated to boys and girls aged 20 to 30 years.

Yes, the book about us. About those who is now at the end of 20 and 30 years. For those who dream of a beautiful life. For those who think that everything important is still to come. For those who believe that now is the best time for entertainment and carefree life. For those who spend a valuable time. This important period of life. After reading Meg Jay’s “Important years”, you look at yourself, your friends, your Hobbies, entertainment, work and activities completely different. And might want something immediately to change.

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Why 20-30 years?

Why would an author dedicate a book and the basic work of this particular age group of customers? It’s simple. These young people often want to talk about their experiences, to share their thoughts with others, ask for advice. But few people take seriously. They do not want to listen. After this age, many believe a transition to adulthood. That is, from 20 to 30 years you just need to walk, to spend time, to live it.

In fact, many people in this age group just don’t know how, why and where to move on. Therefore, they are treading water, trying to start something, get a job, start a new hobby, travel, etc. They do not even know what is the importance of all their Hobbies, all their impulses, all of their activities on the whole (adult) life.

That’s why Meg Jay decided to dedicate their work to young people aged 20 to 30 years. As it says in the book, many of the representatives of carefree youth really are not that carefree. They are going through, rushing from corner to corner, trying to find myself. But not all succeed.

To understand themselves, to understand how important these ten years for each person and how they will affect the entire life, it is strongly recommended to read the book “Important years. Why you should not put off life for later”.

What awaits you inside?

The whole book is divided into three large parts. I must say that all of them are read in one breath. Never a dull moment.

From the first part you will learn about how the work that you do at the age of 20 to 30 years will affect your career in the future. In other words, it is very important to take a selective approach to the choice of the workplace, even if you just came out of the doors of the University. Many young people early in his career trying to take any job. On the one hand, it is good and right. Than spend time looking for the best places today to start earning and to benefit society. But not always this decision is successful.

Working as a bartender in a café, a waiter or a seller in the supermarket, the person is not moving in the right direction. So, upon reaching the age of 30, his life there is little change. To fulfill their youth and childhood dreams to live in dignity, to anything to need, you need to evolve constantly work on yourself, make useful contacts, search for a good job.

All this accumulated in the period from 20 to 30 years ahead the author of the book “Important years” calls “identity capital”. And all of this will greatly affect work, career, business and lifestyle at a later age.

In the same section of the book you will read about the real strength of weak ties. “Weak ties” — these are your contacts with unfamiliar people. That is, with those who are not included in the circle of your relatives, colleagues or friends. It’s just random people you met in a particular situation. So, these unfamiliar people are largely able to influence you and your fate. That is random ties allow you to periodically change the point of view, seeing new things and act outside the box. This can lead to major changes.

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In the second part of the book we will focus on love, relationships, family. Today, many people aged 20 to 30 years are in no hurry to start a family. They want to first make a career, create a business, and then to deal with issues of relationships and finding a soul mate. But looking for a wife or husband is a very responsible step. It determines not only the strength of the family, but also career, business, further self-development and much more.

The third part of the book is devoted to mind and body. It is from this part you will learn why not always bad students get worse job. And in many cases they occupy the most prestigious positions, while the honors with honors cannot understand, where to move on, and treading water. Or even moving backwards.

All this and much more awaits you in the pages of the book, Meg Jay the “Important years. Why you should not put off life for later”. That’s about it. Happy reading!

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