The personal MBA by Kaufman Josh Part 1

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Book review D. Kaufman Began with the publication of a variety of business ideas from all over the world, over time, the format of our portal has become a go-to side extension. There are new sections, which (judging by the number of hits) are popular among readers. Was first entered under the heading “Business interview”, where we introduce you to beginners and experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs. And a long time functioning in the category “Business question”, which allows young entrepreneurs to find answers to the most frequently asked questions on doing business.

Naturally, the expansion of our website will not end. Today we gladly present to your attention a new section called “Business books”. As you may have guessed from the title, in this section we will acquaint you with the latest, popular and useful masterpieces of literature and self-development. We will start, perhaps, with one of the most sensational bestseller of the last time — books brilliant Manager Josh Kaufman. The book is really simple and brilliant at the same time. But, everything in order.

This book is about how to behave in business. She teaches the basics and the main principles of the functioning of any business. Its author, Josh Kaufman pursued the main goal — he wanted to prove to obtain important knowledge for doing business on their own. And it is not necessary to enrol in a leading MBA schools, training in which is able to drive into debts, even of a very wealthy man. Judge for yourself: an MBA from one of the leading business schools in the world, costing her student, on average, 200 thousand dollars. The amount may be increased, depending on the training site, availability of housing, food, clothing, etc.

Many students have to take huge amounts of loans that have to pay in two or even three times the volume, after graduation and obtaining a vacant position in a good company. But this very position is no guarantee you. It turns out that the desired degree MBA can be incredibly expensive piece of paper that will have to pay more than one year.

Back to our book. “The personal MBA” is a unique compilation of the most important principles, rules and laws of business that they talk about in the leading business schools in the world. This book appeared out of nowhere. Its author, Josh Kaufman — I’m thinking about getting a business education, being an employee of Procter & Gamble. That is, he had neither the time nor the ability to do at that moment in one of the MBA schools. Instead, he set himself the goal is to learn all of the principles of successful operation of the business. Moreover, as the main source of information Josh used books from a list of business literature that is used in the most famous business schools.

He wanted to prove to everyone that to get a good business education without the MBA. And judging by the results of his work — the book “be your own MBA” — he did it.

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