The personal MBA by Kaufman Josh Part 2

This book is for those who want to study at a leading business school, but does not have the means to realize their dreams into reality. This book is for those who do not want (or simply cannot) spend several years of their life for attending relevant courses. This book is for those who believe in the true useful knowledge, not the piece of paper that says “MBA”. It is possible to finish business school, but not to learn the business. Conversely, you do not have any documents, but wonderful to understand all the intricacies of the business.

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In the heart of the book “be your own MBA” — information from hundreds of the best, most famous, the most useful business books of all time. Many kilometers and all this information brief, but very succinctly, is equipped with 450 pages. But believe me, each of these pages is a veritable storehouse of very useful information. It is unlikely you will be able to find another business book, which at the same time contained such a number of useful materials from different fields of business.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, each of which illuminates a particular area of business. In the first Chapter, the author convinces us that self-education is a good path to success than learning in the business school of the world level. And not just convincing (after all, it is possible to convince in something bad), and clearly, the examples shows it. The second Chapter is devoted to values, without which it cannot function any business. You will learn the 12 forms of value, which differ depending on the type of business, with the iron law of the market and many other interesting things. In the third Chapter we will focus on the most effective marketing techniques. The fourth Chapter will teach you how to sell your products and services to the consumer. From the fifth Chapter you will learn about how to deliver values to the consumer. Sixth will help to deal with financial matters. The seventh Chapter is a true masterpiece. Because it talks about the principles of operation of the human brain. But the success of any business depends on how well you understand the behavior of their customers. In the eighth Chapter you will learn to work on themselves, constantly improve, and the ninth Chapter will talk about the work with other people. And the remaining three chapters will teach you how to understand, analyze and improve the system of doing business.

This is only a brief outline of the entire book. In fact, each Chapter contains answers to dozens of the most important of a particular area of business. Only on the pages of the book “self MBA. Self-education is 100%” you will find a description of the 256 key concepts of modern business, which will teach you to think correctly and to solve a variety of tasks at the level of the graduates of the best business schools. And at the end of the book you are waiting for the 49 questions, occasionally answering them, you will definitely improve results in your business.

Another undoubted advantage of this business bestseller is that there is no need to study the materials from the first to the last, sequentially from page to page. You can begin your study of the book from the first page, the middle or even with end. No difference. On the use and effectiveness was not affected.

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Just before you start reading, be sure to get a pen and a fat notebook. Sure, by the end of the book you opposite it all. So often in the course of reading the book “be your own MBA” there is a desire to notes of a particular author’s idea.

Recommend this book to read for anyone who is interested in business issues, marketing, sales and self-development. You will find a lot of new and useful materials that will greatly simplify the difficult path to success.

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