The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy

Book review of John F. Kennedy, “Smart marketing in tough times “In a world of many a best-selling author, sales and marketing, to whose word is worth listening to. These include well-known entrepreneur, copywriter, marketer, speaker and author of numerous books on copywriting and marketing — Dan Kennedy. Today, from his pen came already 20 books. For example, his brave and rather controversial bestseller, “How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules” and the book “Secret weapon copywriter,” on which grew a large number of specialists in selling texts. Including in our country.

Today at our table got one of the best works of Dan Kennedy, sales and marketing, entitled “Smart marketing in tough times” (from our information partner of the publishing house MYTH).

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What is this book?

This book is about how to promote your product or service on the market today. In a difficult market, where competition has reached its peak, and to get, especially for a beginner, it is very, very difficult.

I must say that the problem of beginners, and many experienced entrepreneurs and business people is not only the presence of numerous competitors. Even businessmen, occupying a rather narrow niches or producing a unique product, are experiencing difficulties with the sale of goods or services. Problems may be several.

First, as is particularly common in our country, the businessman or the businessman simply cannot correctly describe your product or service. It is very important to highlight the advantages of your specific product. Often such advantages entrepreneurs are taking a trivial product characteristics like color, shape, taste and so on. They do not understand and the fact that the same characteristics used in the description of their products and their competitors. You need to stand out. And the first step is to learn to see the advantages of specifically your product or service and present these advantages to potential buyer. This will seriously outperform competitors.

By the way the proposal focuses on a potential buyer, you also need a good work out. After all, how you present your product, will largely depend on its success in the market.

But all this is not enough to reach the top in their field. Another important component — well-written marketing plan which will be your guide and lead you to real success.

All this Dan Kennedy says in the pages of his book, “smart marketing in tough times”. After reading the book, you will learn to identify the benefits of their product or service, make a good promotional offers and to develop a clear marketing plan. And all this with minimal investment. Or without them at all.

Many people criticize Dan Kennedy say that he writes books only in order to attract more people to their seminars, trainings, pay products and services. Perhaps this is partly true. But mailing that many of you reading have similar goals. In the end, you offer to buy something. But the information itself is free letters is no less interesting and informative. Just need to know how to select the important and discard all unnecessary. No matter what anyone said, and in the books by Dan Kennedy a lot of very useful information that can and should be applied in your business to reach even greater heights. That’s about it.

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