The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power Part 1

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Review of “the Expendables” bill Sleei again we have another bestseller. This time we got a book that fully reflects the essence of our portal. It is about entrepreneurship, about entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. And for those who are only going to become them. But it might also be interesting and employees who are unwilling to sit still and be content with what you have and want to achieve great heights in the career. So, we present to your attention a book by bill Breeching “the Expendables. Intensive course for future entrepreneurs.” With a Foreword by Graham Weston’s – dollar millionaire (ex-billionaire), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the hosting company Rackspace.

A few words about the author

Talking about the book, it is impossible to ignore its author. Readers should know that you were going them something to teach. And every book teaches something. Otherwise, why bother to read?

Speaking about the author of “the Expendables” — bill the Harness – we can say the following. First, he is a great writer and a great storyteller. The book reads very quickly. Literally in one breath. Maybe bill learned to write, working early in his career as a copywriter in one of new York advertising agencies.

Second, he is known worldwide for marketing specialist. Winner of several professional awards. In addition, he was awarded the title author’s best books of the year for marketing.

Thirdly, he is the current head, and in the past – one of the founders, branding company BrandTeamSix. He is often invited on TV, he is a frequent guest of radio shows and his seminars thousands of people. In General, it is more than worthy to his advice, thoughts and recommendations worth listening to.

Who is this book for?

First of all, I want to recommend a book by bill Breeching “the Expendables” to all those who ever in your life dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. All those who thought about opening their own business. All those who are constantly looking for sources to improve their financial situation. And most importantly, those who are all this thinks, but takes no action.

Probably the most common situation – people want to become an entrepreneur, he even has thoughts, what to do, but he does not dare to start. If you are familiar with that same feeling, which becomes an insurmountable obstacle to their business? Then this book is for you.

The book does not require you a lot of time reading and studying. The chapters are short. Read quickly and easily. Information is immediately absorbed. In the process of reading comes to mind is just an incredible amount of ideas. Even if you don’t know what will be your first business may, in the course of investigating “the Expendables”, you have to be born a brilliant idea. It can be.

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What awaits you inside?

Introduction. Here you will hear the story of how the Chairman of the Board American Navy seals and Israeli innovators have discovered the essence of entrepreneurship.

You will meet amazing country of Israel. Here, even the cleaners and waitresses think or already working on their own projects. In addition to the main work, of course. They believe in their ideas. It seems that they behave like children. But it is this quality that helps thousands of Israeli entrepreneurs start business and achieve success. Despite its small size, this country is just a huge number of startups. More in the US alone. All in living there.

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