The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power Part 2

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They do not limit themselves, their thoughts, their decisions. They believe in themselves and their ideas. That is why they succeed. The main theme of the book is how to believe in yourself. It is not enough for many entrepreneurs. This (and not only) teaches this book.

You will learn about the main business problems and learn how to quickly and correctly find and to make decisions. You will learn why so few people nowadays are becoming successful entrepreneurs, despite a real desire to build your business.

First, the experts who prepare a variety of materials and teaching AIDS for entrepreneurship, most of them do not know how to describe everything so that it was clear the teenager, the housewife, and retired. All. All of these books, manuals, seminars, courses are abundant in scientific language, definitions, strange words. It’s bad.

Secondly, there is a problem in education. Leading educational institutions, no doubt, make great professionals who know how to work in a particular area. But pupils and students do not receive the main skill required by the entrepreneur. The ability to act quickly and make decisions in difficult non-standard situations.

Third, the special business education (MBA courses, for example) is too expensive. Not everyone can pay 100 thousand dollars for two years of study. Entrepreneurship to develop, entrepreneurs to become more education or training information should be more accessible.

You will find a story about the military. It would seem, and here they are. But, it turns out, the best ideas on how to become “unstoppable entrepreneurs”, shared not the greatest minds in the business world, and the military. “Navy seals” of the U.S. army and the Israeli military, the IDF. Their technique is called “accelerated training”. It allows you to quickly and correctly make decisions even in the most difficult situations. The most important thing is to get to the bottom of the problem. To find her center. Its essence. And then you can look for a solution. Only by finding the essence of the problem, you can get rid of the misunderstanding and go for certainty which will help to quickly solve the problem. How to use military techniques to their advantage, you learn from the book of bill Breeching.

Also from the book, you will learn who the owner really is. You will learn the concept of “accelerated training”, the same kind used by the military in its most effective training.

You will read about a particular set of skills and techniques, which previously entrepreneurs say “I wish I’d known sooner. About 20 years ago. Then the business would grow and develop much faster.” That is, you will learn the secrets of entrepreneurship that will allow you faster and more efficiently to start their own business.

You will learn what constitutes and how it works “set of forces”. This is a certain emotional component that drives the entrepreneur forward and makes you do what he would not dare normally. Perhaps this is what you need to decide to open your business.

After the first part of the book you will be ready to start your first startup.

Next, you will learn a set of “mental tools” that use the “Navy seals” of the U.S. Navy.

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In addition, you will learn and will embrace six key secrets of success that help leading entrepreneurs from around the world. Of course, entrepreneurship is a huge field. And it has hundreds, if not thousands, of tools. But knowing about these six, the rest you will use at the level of intuition. As do most businesses.

The final part of the book you will learn the entrepreneurial ecosystem and learn why it is so important to work together, not alone.

In General, you will get acquainted with the business world. Learn about the many effective secrets and “chips”, but, most importantly, overcome the barrier that prevents you from becoming an entrepreneur. Happy reading!

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