Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques by Michael Michalko

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This time it is the work of one of the world’s top experts in the field of creativity – Michael Michalko. Meet – the book “the Rice assault and another 21 way to think outside the box”. The book is about self-development, self-improvement, generating new interesting ideas and finding your creativity. It is so brief you can describe the novelty of the publishing house “MYTH”.

A few words about the author

In our country it is not as widely familiar. However, this does not prevent Michael Michalko to be one of the leading experts from around the world to generate ideas and creative thinking. He is the organizer of a group of scientists and professionals working in NATO. There they engaged in the classification and study of methods of creative thinking. Further, these methods and studies do the “arms” the world’s leading companies.

In addition, Michael Michalko is the author of several books on creative thinking and generating new ideas, many of which are international bestsellers. With one of these bestsellers – book “Rice storm” – you will learn today.

Who is it to?

For all those who consider themselves creative (or creative). But, first and foremost, for all those who do not consider themselves a creative person, but very much dreaming about the acquisition of creative skills. Also, Michael’s book Michalko will be useful to all those who daily faces the need for rapid and efficient generation of new ideas.

Artists, designers, marketers, advertisers, writers, bloggers and many others can safely recommend the book “Rice storm” as a Desk assistant on every day.

What awaits you inside?

The book is divided into four large parts, each consisting of several chapters. The book “Rice storm” 39 chapters.

In the first Chapter you complete initial training, which the author calls the “primary promotion”. The second Chapter will show how you need to pump intelligence. In the third you will learn how to set ourselves right and useful tasks. And the fourth Chapter will introduce you to this interesting and useful concept, as games for the mind.

Actually, the whole remaining part of the book – and it’s 35 chapters and approximately 350 pages devoted to games for the mind. They are divided into several large groups. For example, line numbers, where you have to apply logic and common sense. And intuitive game for your mind where, you guessed it, in the first place is the use of your own intuition.

Despite the impressive volume (400 pages), the book of Michael Michalko “Rice storm” very easy to read. Not to say that fast. No. Reading easily you can stretch for a couple of weeks or even a month. And there is nothing wrong. After all, the book is full of different puzzles, funny stories, logic problems, exercises and advice.

The decision and considering a single task may take from several minutes to several hours. It is therefore not surprising that after a couple of days you’re finished reading the first part.

Nothing more to tell you about the inner content of the book. Save the intrigue. Believe me, the more interesting you will seem further study. But something we still reveal.

To warm up your interest in reading the books of Michael Michalko “Rice assault and another 21 way to think outside the box”, here’s a couple of interesting problems from its pages.

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The task of the first. We need to count how many letters “p” in the following text.

“The need for continuing training of assistants of farmers to work on first-class farms for the production of productive livestock is the intentions of the owners of excellent farms. Since the ancestors of the farmers prepared assistants to farmers for first class farms in the process of production of productive livestock, the owners of many farms feel they have to constantly continue the tradition of their ancestors for training of assistants of farmers to work on first-class farms for the production of productive livestock, as they believe that training of aides is the Foundation of productive agriculture on the farm compound.

The challenge for the third. It’s not even a challenge. It’s just a rather interesting good way to download your brain. As you know, the brain, like muscles, needs constant training. The more you train, the more educated and creative you become.

“Articulate the content of the book. Try to do this before you read it. Or, after reading half of it, stop and try to continue. Think about what you can find in the book before you will get acquainted with the table of contents. It was a favorite pastime of George Bernard Shaw. And for you, it can be a useful exercise for the development of the imagination”

This should probably stop. All other interesting problems, puzzles, exercises, pictures and instructive stories you’ll find in the book of Michael Michalko “Rice storm”. Happy reading!

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